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Jackie Pericolosi,
Center Director

1320 N. Arlington Heights Rd. Arlington Heights IL 60004
Ph: (847) 255-7335
6 Weeks to 12 Year-Olds
6:45 AM to 6:00 PM, M-F

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS: "South of Palatine Rd. north of Euclid." across from Thomas Jr. High

NEIGHBORHOOD: Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Wheeling

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS BUSED TO: Olive, Greenbrier, Ivy Hill, Patton, Westgate, Eisenhower, and Windsor


Like any new parents the initial anxiety of leaving our babies with strangers was agonizing. But when we interviewed possible day cares and found KinderCare we knew we had found the right place. KinderCare has always been able to guide us through those hard days and given us immense peace of mind that our kids are not only safe and cared for, they are learning and happy and having tons of fun during the day.

They have the day-to-day in-class activities, loving but also very-focused teachers and great extracurricular options. (It is hard to narrow down, but the boys’ favorites so far have been cooking class, science, phonics and summer swimming!) With such good friends, great teachers and so much to do, our boys are excited to go to daycare and I often find myself jealous of the days KinderCare designs for them, especially in the summer when the field trips are engaging and plentiful. We especially love how the rooms, activities and field trips are customized for the kids’ ages and levels of development.

Our oldest boy has been with KinderCare since he was three months old and now has just started Kindergarten. He is so much more prepared than he would ever have been without KinderCare’s fun curriculum – not only on his ABC’s but on how to focus in a group and enjoy learning new things.

Now as our oldest is starting this new phase, graduating from daycare to Kindergarten, we are finding new comfort (and serious convenience) in having the KinderCare teachers he has always known be the ones picking him up from Kindergarten on their own buses so we know he is personally looked after and will make it safely back for us to gather him and his brother up after our work day is done.

I look back now at my fear of letting “strangers” take care of my new babies when we had to go back to work and I marvel to think of how much they would have missed out on if we hadn’t found KinderCare.

Thank you so much for the amazing care and great start in my boys’ lives! - Anne T., Mother

Ideally, most parents wish they could be with their children at home during the formative years.  However for some, like our family, childcare is necessary due to work and other commitments. KIndercare has been our childcare provider for the past 3 years.  We enrolled after our 3rd child was born.  He began in the infant room and has progressed through to the preschool program.  Our older children have experienced the Pre-K, Kindergarten, School-Age, and Summer Camp programs at the North Arlington Heights Kindercare.


We are very impressed with the site and program.  The teachers, directors and staff have been attentive to our children and family’s needs. The center is clean and well maintained.  We can tell that care is taken of the environment like it’s a home.  The space is inviting and the atmosphere is conducive to learning and playing.  We never worry for our children’s safety; we feel confident in the processes in place to ensure safety at the site.  In addition, as with most young families, schedules are ever-changing.  We are so grateful for the flexibility that is available to us when a change in our schedule occurs. 


Through each stage of our children’s growth and development, appropriate learning has been provided at Kindercare.  Our older children are now in elementary school and it is evident they received a firm foundation in learning at Kindercare.  They were ready for school, academically and socially. 



  - Haines Family, Mom

I am a mother of three children ages four, two and five months. Currently all three are enrolled at the North Arlington Heights KinderCare.

I have been very impressed with what the KinderCare program has been able to provide for my children. When my oldest was born and I had to return to work, I really wanted a nanny to care for my child but we were unable to afford it. After researching many options we chose KinderCare. I was quickly impressed by all the different activities the children do in the Infant and Toddler rooms. Sensory activities, art and craft projects, all of which I had read are great for stimulating brain development at that age. In addition I saw social skills starting to develop right away. All of that coupled with the excellent care that was provided for my child had me quickly conclude that this was a better care solution for our child and our particular situation than a nanny.

As our family has grown we have continuously weighed the benefits our children get being at KinderCare against other daycare options. We have repeatedly concluded that this is the best place for them. Even if I could stay at home I wouldn't choose that option because there is no way that I could provide all three children with the unique learning experiences that they are receiving at KinderCare.

It is so much more than just daycare for our children. It has some aspects of a school, which is great for transitioning them to real school, but at the same time it has an environment that is warm, loving and fun.

I have been very impressed with how much my children have been able to pick up on in math, reading, art and especially science. It is wonderful to pick them up at the end of the day and have them bursting to tell you everything they know about the solar system or show you the art masterpieces that they created.

My two older children learn in very different ways yet they both thrive here. Every day they both learn new things and get to explore their own special talents. I think the reason they can be such different learners yet both be so comfortable in the same place has to do with the class structure. Although academics are taught here there is a large part of each day focused on the child and their development as a person. Every class has teachers that really get to know the kids (all of the kids, not just mine), their strengths and weaknesses and even their quirks. It is a very loving environment. These are the types of teachers that know how to make "owies" all better.

Even in the Infant room the teachers are able to "figure out" each kid and learn their personalities and temperament. For example, they know which babies my five month old likes to play next to and they know that every day at around 5:00 he just wants to be held, it's just his thing.

I have found that KinderCare does a good job of keeping the children challenged. They make an effort to keep children amongst other children of the same skill level, both in terms of their physical and mental development. Although age is a factor they don't group their classes by this factor alone.

The parent feedback is great as well. The daily sheets list the activities the child did that day which is nice. The best part is the photos. There are so many photos and they are wonderful. It's one thing to read about what your child did that day but it is so much better to see it! In the pictures you can see your child interacting with others and their expressions while doing the activities, things that cannot really be described in words. The teachers print a lot of pictures and always have them posted up or in the child's cubby to take home. It must take a lot of time to take and print that many pictures but it makes quite a difference! They also hold parent teacher conferences for all ages and keep a folder for each child filled with all of their art projects, academic work and photos.

Overall, I would say this is a fantastic option for child care. For us the benefits are the warm atmosphere, the outstanding academics, the friendships that our children have found and the smiles on our children's faces when we drop them off and they run to greet their teachers. - Lori C., Mother

I want to thank you for what a positive influence your Kindercare center and your teachers have been to our family. My children come home so happy and excited to share what they have learned that day. Their teachers not only provide to them the love and care they need, but also inspire them to want to learn and explore new things. I am amazed with the amount of different creative activities, crafts, work sheets, and learning material they are exposed too.

Your teachers have been such supportive role models in our family’s lives. Thank you for providing us a wonderful place to bring our children every day.


  - Parlato Family, Mom

My family and I are from out of the country, Asia. Initially my son, a toddler, use to go to a different daycare where they had not been speaking English mostly. So he had issues communicating and he hardly expressed himself. He always played on his own mostly. It was worrying us as his parents so we made the positive change in his and our life, Kindercare! Teachers are loving and caring. When the change made him sad and picky about food, teachers helped so much that he has started to eat and communicate much better. He loves to go to school. He is learning so many things. He is becoming very independent too!  Very friendly and well organized.

Great job and thank you Kindercare!

  - Geetah K., Mother

I would highly recommend KinderCare in North Arlington Heights. Both of my children have been attending full time there. One started in 2012 when she was 2 and the other started in the infant room half a year ago. We saw quite a few day care centers prior to selecting this one for our family, including other KinderCare centers in the area. We have been very happy with the attention our children receive, with the warm care of the teachers and the openness in terms of communication and feedback of both the teachers and the management of the center. Our children also feel very comfortable and at home there. And I see the progress of my children's learning on a daily basis. My older daughter is so inspired by the teachers there that she's been saying that she wants to become a teacher one day too.


  - Infant and Pre k Family, Parent

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