On- & Near-Site Child Care Centers

We provide education and child care in a location your employees will love: at or near their workplace. Offering your families a work-life balance solution like on-site child care simplifies and improves their lives—and your bottom line.

Build a relationship that really matters to your families by developing a center that reflects your mission, values, and culture.

We're a different kind of partner

Whether you want to build from the ground up or are transitioning your center, we are the partners you have been looking for. Our in-house experts from Real Estate, Change Management, and hands-on Account Management are here to help you. Here’s how we work:

How we begin the process

We understand your business goals and employee child care needs and incorporate them into our plan of action. We collaborate with you to develop solutions that best meet your objectives.

Building from the ground up or expanding? Our Portfolio Management team works closely with you to assess the site, consult on options, and lead that project on your behalf.

Transitioning? Our Change Management team simplifies the process by partnering on a transition plan and keeping you and your families informed and up to date.

teacher with kids

How we offer ongoing support

Once you’ve built or transitioned a beautiful center, we’ll help you stay up to date on how the center is doing. We are always in touch with you, and your families, to ensure that all questions are answered and we are in lockstep with you at all times.

We will always provide real-time reporting that shows clear returns on your investment.

We also provide information for your employees through our online portal (along with our mobile app!) to help families keep track of their program, benefit, child care center, and even get updates about their child. See a live preview of the portal.

You'll feel the difference when you partner with us.

Your company's culture will be at the heart of your center.

Together, we do what’s right for your families, and it will be great for your business, too.

You’ll see the difference in recruitment, retention, absenteeism, and more.

Engagement is at the heart of our philosophy. 

Our hand-picked teachers and staff offer your children the best care and bring our innovative curriculum to life at or near your campus.

That’s why we invest in them and bring a commitment to quality to every center.

Do right by your families, improve your business, and live your values.

88 percent

88% of millennial employees say that work-life integration is the first thing they consider when looking for a job.

Source: PwC Millennial Survey

The center is huge from an employee satisfaction perspective. Even the people who don’t utilize it appreciate it because their peers are happier, more reliable, and more productive as a result of having the center on our grounds.

- Julie McGovern, VP of Administration & HR, Chilton Hospital

The best benefit at Lego? The on-site daycare.”

- Kristen, 10-year Lego employee

Ready to get started?

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