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The Power of Family Care Benefits

Attract and retain the best talent with great child care benefits.

From the standout Project Manager who loves having her baby nearby at your on-site center to the tenured Senior Vice President who relies on back-up care when his kids are out of school, all boats rise together with high-quality family care benefits—and so will your bottom line! As your trusted partner, we’ll help you measure it.

The impact of benefits on your business

The numbers speak for themselves. Any way you read the data, child care benefits make a big business impact in ways that really matter.

88 percent

88% of millennial employees say that work-life integration is the first thing they consider when looking for a job.

Source: PwC Millennial Survey

If you don’t have the culture, you can’t implement the strategy. Team-member satisfaction is what drives a passion to serve and do even more to take care of customers.

- John Caparella, President of The Venetian, The Palazzo, and Sands Expo and Convention Center

The best benefit at Lego? The on-site daycare.

-Kristen, 10-year Lego employee
69 percent

69% of parents say that the cost of care has impacted their career decisions.

Source: Workplace Survey 2015

25 percent

25% of parents have switched jobs for better family benefits.

AOL's biggest asset is our people. Our industry is changing quickly, and we need those who can innovate and embrace change. We look for candidates who want to make an impact while working in a fast-moving company. Offering these perks helps keep AOLers happy and excited to come and have a productive work environment.

- Andrea Marston, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, AOL

Flexibility and work-life balance are a huge deciding factor for people choosing a place to work, and employees are far more likely to stay loyal to a particular organization if they feel they are also supported in family life.

- Moquin, 2016
increase productivity and engagement

Employees with access to child care benefits report an increase in work-life balance and engagement.

KCE Fortune 100 Client Survey

I have to do my work either way, but this gives me a lot of peace of mind. I think that if you have peace of mind, you can put 100% into whatever you are doing.

- Employee about on-site child care
kids at play

Providing child care support for your employees can significantly reduce turnover and absences.

Source: Child Care Council, 2014.
17k in 2016

KinderCare’s Back-up Care saved employers more than 17,000 days of work in 2016.

My husband and I work full-time, and our school system still works around having one stay-at-home parent. I know I can depend on KinderCare because I am depended on being at work.

- KinderCare BUC parent

The impact of benefits on your families

The outcome? Simply put, KinderCare kids are ready for school success in kindergarten and beyond (and we can prove it). When you partner with the leading experts in early childhood education, your families’ children will be ready to meet their big, bright futures.

4x the impact

On average, our kindergarteners’ math and reading scores are four months ahead of their peers. And students enrolled in a KinderCare center for more than one year test even higher. 1 Our kids are 4 months ahead of national norms in areas of child development and growth. 2

1 TerraNova™ Third Edition assessment of over 1,600 children in March 2016. 2 Results based on the Brigance assessment in 2016.