Daimler Trucks North America

Supporting a workforce far and near with an on-site center and tuition benefits

Daimler Trucks, a renowned truck manufacturer, has a vision to become an Employer of Choice by 2020. To achieve this, Daimler needed to partner with a child care provider who could further their strategic vision. They chose KinderCare Education at Work to provide a first-class, on-site child care center and answer the family care needs of Daimler’s dispersed workforce.

Client Goals

Having more women in the workforce is key to Daimler’s overall strategy to become an Employer of Choice in 2020—making comprehensive family benefits a cornerstone of their talent strategy. Like many industry leaders, Daimler values efficiency and operational excellence, and relies on a lean administrative model to support its vast workforce. With only eight HR professionals supporting 18,000 employees across North America, it was imperative for Daimler to partner with benefit providers who truly deliver excellence.

Our Partnership

Daimler partnered with KinderCare Education to build a beautiful on-site center (First Gear Academy) at their corporate headquarters. With sweeping views of Portland’s downtown waterfront and room for 118 children, First Gear quickly reached capacity. That was when KinderCare Education offered Daimler priority access and tuition savings, providing waitlisted families immediate relief with dedicated placement and extending Daimler’s tuition savings to its dispersed workforce at any of the 2,000+ KinderCare centers across the country.


Now every Daimler employee has access to the same high-quality education and care for their children and families. “They were attentive to our waitlist and offered to meet the child care needs of local and remote families through Child Care Select,” says Caitlin Hemphill, Senior Benefits Specialist at Daimler. “No other child care provider has offered this solution.” KinderCare Education has been committed to helping Daimler succeed in their goals, going beyond implementation to also help promote the programs and track usage to ensure the greatest return on investment for Daimler and exceptional experiences for families. Not to mention, Daimler’s commitment to equity bolsters their vision to be an Employer of Choice.

KinderCare Education is always two steps ahead. They were attentive to our waitlist and offered to meet the child care needs of local and remote families through Child Care Select. No other child care provider has offered this solution.

- Caitlin Hemphill, Daimler Trucks North America
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