Three Questions with…Shellie Miller

Shellie MillerWe were able to sit down with the manager of Customer Care, which provides front line support for all our parents.  There is never a dull moment in Shellie's day as her team handles customer concerns and parent compliments via email, phone, and now Live Chat! 


1. What is your current position at Knowledge Universe?  


I am the Manager of Customer Care for KinderCare Learning Centers and have the opportunity to serve our customers in communicating their needs to the field.  I manage a team of committed individuals who support our parents by listening to their concerns or compliments, effectively communicating parents’ needs to the appropriate manager and following up to ensure that parents receive resolution.  We also work with our corporate partners to make recommendations for process improvements and service enhancements that will improve service to our parents.


2. What does your background look like and how has it helped you in your current position? 


Prior to joining Knowledge Learning Corporation five years ago, my background was in health care.  I had a number of roles from developing a customer service program to overseeing quality improvement and a variety of other responsibilities.  Since coming to Knowledge Learning Corporation, I have had responsibilities that include assistant to the president, coordinating the opening of new centers, and now managing customer care.  I believe that my experience in health care and seeing the impact that caring for the patient’s concerns had on their overall experience prepared me for my current role.  Additionally, being a parent myself helps me to understand a parent’s perspective when it comes to the education and care of their children.
3. What do you love most about your work?  


The feedback we receive from our families is invaluable and it is so important to the work we do each day.  I appreciate when a parent is willing to contact us to provide their concerns or compliments.  It is a privilege to be able to assist our families in resolving issues that will improve their experience.  The best part of my job is hearing from families who want to share with us the impact that a teacher and/or center director has had on the life of their child or family.  I feel very fortunate to be able support our families in the education and care of their children.


The KinderCare Learning Centers website has a Contact Us link that allows families to contact us by phone or email.  In our continued efforts to enhance our families’ experience, we added a Live Chat button to the KinderCare Learning Centers website, which enables parents to chat with a customer care specialist, and provides them another avenue to communicate with Customer Care.