Beyond the Classroom

To get some sleep, the whole family may need to make a scheduling adjustment, says children's sleep expert Dr. Elizabeth Super. But making sleep a priority is absolutely worth it!

Night Waker? Early Riser? Children’s Sleep Expert Dr. Super Troubleshoots Your Family’s Sleep Woes

For their first few years, children spend half their lives asleep. But parents seem to spend much of those early years trying to get more sleep. That conundrum (familiar to all parents) prompted us to call Dr. Elizabeth Super, a pediatrician and children’s sleep specialist with the Pediatric Sleep Medicine program at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s

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The Craft Table: Make a Perfect Place for Nature

Having a spring brunch this weekend? Here’s a fun way your kids can contribute to the festivities of the table. Using contact paper, construction paper, and a little help from Mother Nature, these homemade place mats add a wonderful note of spring joy to the table. (They also happen to make a great spring brunch activity for your

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Sky Collage 650x341

The Craft Table: A Dreamy White Sky Collage

Cumulus, cirrus, and snow, snow, snow. In this project, white items from around your house become fodder for a fun art project that draws inspiration from the sky. This project is a good one for even very young artists who can easily glue a variety of things onto paper. Key is providing a wide array

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The Craft Table: Sparkling Skies and Sunbursts

Sunny skies, cloudy skies, starry nights, and sunsets: The sky provides infinite artistic inspiration for creative families. For this wonderfully sparkly art project, you can make a tres-chic piece of free-form art while talking with your family about the wonders and wiles of the weather. Create the sky you see with your eyes or make

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