Bulgogi for Breakfast!? What Kids Eat Around the World


While many children in the United States may subsist largely on Goldfish® crackers and chicken fingers, kids in other countries typically eat the same fare their parents eat. We’re talking fermented cabbage, peppery lentils, and even briny mussels. Exploring new foods and ways of eating (salmon for breakfast in Japan!) is a great way to

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Lasagna—the King of Winter Casseroles!


By Anna Sachse Hearty lasagna reigns supreme when it comes to winter cuisine. It’s cheese-y, warm, filling, cheese-y, versatile, freezable, and did I mention cheese-y? True, it can take a little time to put together, but on the plus side you can usually dine on a single pan for days. I’ve been known to eat

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Crafty Homemade Cards, Full of Fun & Love


Never mind the chocolates, to the diamonds, say pshaw. No Valentine’s Day gift beats a handmade card from a child. Melt hearts with this surprisingly simple cut-and-paste craft project: Little fingers paste ribbons on paper willy-nilly, and then a cutout overlay pulls it all together for a sweet, polished look.          

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No Is Not a Bad Word: Tips for Respectfully Saying (and Hearing) It


By Kim DeMarchi When I was a child, I was not allowed to say no to my parents—not ever. Their parenting style was authoritarian, the old children-should-do-as-they’re-told-and-not-ask-questions approach to child-rearing. Nonetheless, I found plenty of rebellious ways to say no indirectly, especially as a preteen. (I’ll spare you the details, but it involved a lot

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