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KinderCare Daily Tips

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is tip three in a series from pediatrician Dr. Ray Fabius for families on maintaining health and wellness at home or on the front lines. Find more tips and actionable advice on our Dr. Ray resource page

Be sure to learn more about Dr. Ray and how he’s guiding KinderCare’s response to coronavirus. 

A tip for families on staying healthy with lots of time at home 

The reward for taking good care of yourself is greater resistance to infection and better recovery if you do get sick. The healthy people who are getting sick from the COVID-19 virus are handling the illness best.  
Now is an excellent time to re-evaluate your efforts toward maintaining your family’s health and wellness. Many experts recommend that people eat an array of fruits and vegetable every day. A good goal is to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. If you’re able to go to the grocery store, try fruits and vegetables that you haven’t tried before. Canned and frozen options are good alternatives to fresh fruits and vegetables.  
Sleep is super important. Though school is out, it’s still good to stay on a regular schedule, including bedtimes and wake-up times. Once life goes back to normal, you’ll be glad you stuck with the habits! Adults should get at least seven hours a night. Children need more depending on their age. School-age children need 9–10 hours. Younger children even more, so naps are encouraged—and are built-in downtime for parents, too! Take a break and check in with each other. 

Educational activities to help children understand 

Note: These activities might be best enjoyed by school-age children.

  • Put all the food in the house in full view. Give each family member a piece of paper for writing two lists. One list is for fruits and one is for vegetables. The winner is the person able to list the most fruits and vegetables. This can also be a way to take an inventory and determine what you may need to buy the next time you are in the market. 
  • Start a competition to see who can eat the most different kinds of fruits and vegetables every day.  
  • Create a chart to track how many hours you sleep every day. Set goals and see if you can meet them as a family. 

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