Working parents’ plates are full.

Provide peace of mind and focus time by taking distance learning off their hands.

Have you asked a parent what their workday is like with distance learning in the mix? Of all they expected to have on their stacked plate, “Zoom expert” and “teacher’s assistant” likely weren’t on the list—especially alongside “model employee.”  


We’re all adapting to change, but employers are in a unique position to help families get back on track by providing child care benefits for children up to 12 years old. Our classrooms offer so much more than basic supervision.  


In our new programs for children in kindergarten–6th grade, families will find:

  • A clean, safe space for children to return to learning with friends their age and industry-leading health and safety

  • Teachers facilitating access to distance learning platforms—and keeping kids on track with their studies. 

  • Customized schedules to meet every child's needs and motivate them throughout the day. 

  • A day full of project-based learning, art, mindfulness activities, educational play, and more. 

  • Extra time with their kids for the good things after a more productive day at work. 

To speak to one of our specialists about our platform of care for working families, please fill out this form and we'll be in touch.

See how we’re welcoming families to our new K–6th grade classrooms. 


Build a platform of care that helps families meet every moment. 

We can talk about the return on investment at this level for your employees and their families. But in the end, the real return is earning their trust—going beyond the norm to help them find balance in a new abnormal.  

KinderCare Education at Work offers a platform of care for the whole family. We’ll work with you to create a package of solutions that helps your employees meet every moment with confidence. 
Tuition Benefits

Tuition Benefit

Employer-provided tuition savings

Wherever your employees work nationwide, you can support their families when they need it most by sharing in the cost of tuition at any KinderCare Learning Center or Champions school-age program. 
Back-Up Care

Back-up Care

Back-up child care and family care days

Uncertain times are easier when care is covered. Help your working families adapt and stay productive by offering back-up child care or family care days for when planned or unplanned gaps occur.

On-Site Child Care

On-Site Child Care

Custom centers or pop-up support

Give the ultimate welcome back to your workforce with on-site child care for infants to 12-year-olds. Whether it’s a brand-new center or child care pop-up, we can customize a solution to help employees find their groove again.

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