Sometimes all the insurance working parents need is knowing they’re being heard.

The client

Aflac is known for their company culture; they take pride in treating employees like family. On-site child care has been a long-time benefit at their Columbus, Georgia headquarters, which demonstrates the company’s concern for the well-being and happiness of their employees.

The opportunity

When their existing on-site child care provider wasn’t living up to expectations, parents voiced concerns. Aflac began searching for a partner who better aligned with their values and delivered what their employees wanted: customizable curriculum with proven outcomes, improved food quality, and more experienced staff members.

The solution

Aflac chose KinderCare Education at Work based on our educational expertise, commitment to accreditation, and shared values. Our strategy for transitioning the center included constant communication with parents, staff, and management to ensure a smooth change for all. By retaining top teachers, acting on parent feedback, and managing quality standards, experiences improved across the board.
Aflac Case Study

The results

After the transition, word of mouth spread about KinderCare's dedication to continuous improvement and quality experiences. Enrollment quickly increased. Since then, Aflac has expanded their benefits to include Tuition Benefit to provide families with savings on the cost of child care. These benefits are now a key perk in recruiting and retaining top talent to reinforce Aflac’s value of treating their workforce like one big family.
Aflac Quote

It is such a wonderful relief to have a management company come in that knows the child care business and does it with excellence. We are so blessed to have the wonderful centers and staff that we have.

- Cindy Spinks, Employee Advocacy and Diversity Department Event Planner, Aflac
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