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Meet Dr. Ray Fabius, KinderCare’s Partner Against COVID-19

KinderCare Health and Safety

Dr. Ray is the pediatrician and population health expert helping us do what’s best for our families.

During this ever-evolving emergency, we want to provide all the guidance and resources we can to give our families, whether at home or on the front line, peace of mind. And that means getting an expert’s guidance on the right course of action to protect your health

We’re honored to partner with a renowned pediatrician and global physician executive on an approach. And he’ll be providing lots of helpful advice to families through our social media and blog channels.

Meet Dr. Ray Fabius.

Dr. Ray brings more than 40 years of experience in health care.

Dr. Ray’s wealth of knowledge in the health care field is a welcome guide in helping us navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Ray is a distinguished fellow of the American Academy of Physician Leadership, so he understands how to direct an organization’s course. And as a board-certified pediatrician he’s always got the little ones at the top of his mind.

But it’s beyond his board certifications in pediatrics and medical management that Dr. Ray’s experience will truly be invaluable. For the past 30 years, Dr. Ray has helped some of the biggest companies in the U.S., such as GE, Walgreens, and Aetna with health care strategies, emergency responses, and medical planning and strategy. He also cofounded HealthNEXT to guide companies on the health and wellness of their employees.

All of this means that Dr. Ray has experience with every perspective of the health care industry: the provider, the payer, the purchaser, the supplier, and the data aggregator and analyst. “It is a privilege to partner with KinderCare and leverage everything I have learned over my career to help parents meet these unique challenges while also providing guidance to protect and support the 30,000+ employees,” Dr. Ray said. His expertise will help us chart a positive path through this uncertain time. His vision is to “get through these trying times in ways that will foster better life long health habits and enhanced ways to respond to future challenges.”

Dr Ray

KinderCare and Dr. Ray are here for you.

So how will Dr. Ray help? Well he’s already been our guide in managing our KinderCare Learning Centers and Champions sites on the best way they can serve our emergency responders  and essential workers. And he’ll continue to be instrumental in these decisions. Beyond that, Dr. Ray will also be a resource for you, our families. You have lots of concerns and questions, and we want you to know we have your back. Look for even more great advice from Dr. Ray in the weeks to come. 

We’ll be tapping him for daily tips on managing your family’s health and wellness, providing the KinderCare community with meaningful guidance that is trustworthy and full of hope. He’ll be posting videos to our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). He’ll also be writing blogs that help answer your questions.

The world is confusing for all of us right now—but we’re here for you! We hope having Dr. Ray as a member of our team on COVID-19 response gives you peace of mind and confidence that we can continue doing the right thing.