KinderCare kids are ahead of others where it matters, when it matters

The results are in: According to a statewide assessment, more students that attended prekindergarten at KinderCare tested fully ready for kindergarten than their non-KinderCare classmates.**

A higher percentage of KinderCare children ranked as top performers in Language/Literacy (14% more), Mathematical Thinking (18% more), and Scientific Thinking (11% more).

With a curriculum that targets what children need to succeed in school and beyond, you'll see how it all adds up to one amazing child — yours.


What does learning look like?

What does learning look like? Every action defines what we do. And what we do is teach  

Every action defines what we do. And what we do is teach. 


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** A 2010 Johns Hopkins University study indicated that kindergartners who were "fully ready" for school showed higher achievement on the 3rd grade Maryland School Assessment (MSA).

KinderCare early education programs boost school readiness 

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