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Seasonal Program Themes

Program Themes

Our varied programs help in developing the whole child by meeting their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. 


During the fall, winter, and spring seasons, children are introduced to new theme-related activities for various two-week units.


Fall 2014 - Preschool


  • All About Me: The unit "All About Me" is a great way to start a new school year, because it allows your child to share about himself or herself and at the same time learn about other children in the group. Children will discover what they have in common as well as the differences that make them each unique.
  • My Home and Family: The time young children spend at home with family members teaches them about family roles, routines, and responsibilities, and forms the values that foster growth and development as children become older. During this unit, “My Home and Family,” your child will have opportunities to talk about his or her family and home experiences, and discover how they may be similar to or different from those of other children.
  • Pets: This unit, “Pets,” helps children build important skills across multiple developmental domains through fun and educational activities related to pets. Your child will be given opportunities to share about his or her pets or pets your child would like to have. Children will also talk about the responsibilities that come with owning and caring for pets.
  • In the Fall: Many exciting things happen when the seasons change, and this unit, “In the Fall,” encourages children to focus on and describe the changes they see happening around them. Science skills will be reinforced as children observe and talk about the weather, and learn about the changes taking place in the natural world and other events that happen during the fall season.
  • The Farm: Farms are filled with learning opportunities for young children. This unit, “The Farm,” offers your child a variety of activities that span learning domains and content areas such as science and social studies. Through learning about farms, your child will have opportunities to talk and write about the people who work on farms and the crops they grow, as well as the animals that live on farms.
  • My Community: Learning about the community they live in is a valuable experience for young children. During this unit, “My Community,” your child will be encouraged to look at, explore, and discuss different places in his or her community. Your child will also learn about the jobs of different people in communities and how people can help care for their communities.
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