Spend Spring Break with Us - KinderCare Spring Break

Spring Break at KinderCare

This Spring Break, we’re sampling our summer programs. It’s a school-break solution that can’t be beat — and our flexible scheduling works for busy families. Come every day or choose what works for you.


Our fun program lets kids get a head start on becoming a science superstar, construction whiz kid, splash sports expert, time traveling specialist, and garden-growing green thumb. You’ll see why spending your school breaks with us leads to memories that last a lifetime!



  • Awesome Architects
    See how the building blocks of architecture are right around the corner!
  • Garden Adventures
    Get your thumbs green as you investigate what’s behind garden goodness!
  • Science Scouts
    Be amazed as you take on experiments designed to make you a science superstar!
  • Sports Splash
    Dive into outside-the-pool aquatic action!
  • Time Travelers
    Discover the past and the future through adventures in archaeology!



When your local public schools are on spring break, we’re in session! For more information, contact your neighborhood center today for specific dates.



If your preschooler/prekindergartner is already enrolled with us, your tuition covers Spring Break! For more information, contact your local center director.


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Spring Break Downloads:

Are you also looking for activities and recipes to do at home with curious kids? Our special mix of fun and learning will add some smiles to your spring and summer.