Program Themes for May 2013

Program Themes for may 2013

Below is a sampling of some activities your child may participate in during the month of May 2013.



Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language: Reading the featured Books: Animal Babies Around the House and Animal Babies in Towns and Cities by Kingfisher Publications; Exploring animal-related photo cards
  • Motor: Practicing grasping by holding spoons and “drumming” on boxes; moving to music
  • Cognitive: Placing soft baby animals in and out of a box; being introduced to the concepts of “big” and “small” by exploring objects of varying sizes



For Toddlers, the theme is “Animals.”  Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language: Discussing photos and books about animals; Handling animal magnets and animal stamps
  • Creative Arts: Painting with items found in nature such as feathers and sticks
  • Sensory: Exploring animal-home related materials such as twigs, feathers, and rocks
  • Dramatic Play: Pretending to take care of animals in a veterinary clinic


Discovery Preschool

For Discovery Preschool, the theme is “Insects and Spiders.” Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language Arts : Exploring insect-and spider-related books and photo cards; Using inset and spider stamps; Featured Book: The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Iza Trapani
  • Creative Arts: Creating yarn collages; Weaving with yarn and ribbon
  • Science & Sensory: Exploring plastic insects and spiders in paper “grass”; Observing live insects in a terrarium
  • Dramatic Play: Pretending to garden with child-size garden tools
  • Math & Manipulatives: Using pegboards to count


Preschool & Prekindergarten

For Preschool & Prekindergarten, the theme is “The Sky.”  Sample activities include:

  • Library and Language Arts: Writing and drawing on kite- and cloud-shaped paper; Discussing books and photo cards related to the sky; Featured Book: It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw
  • Creative Arts: Making collages; Painting at the easel
  • Science & Sensory: Testing items to see which blow in the wind; Investigating birdseed and craft feathers+
  • Dramatic Play: Using props to pretend and imagine in a sky-themed area
  • Math & Manipulatives: Building with paper-bag blocks


For Prekindergarten, sample activities include:

  • Library & Literacy: Sorting flannel uppercase and lowercase letters; Featured Book: Beautiful Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Colors by Stephanie Maze
  • Creative Arts: Making puppets; Creating a wild-animal mural
  • Science & Sensory: Exploring pendulums and tops; Exploring characteristics of animal habitats
  • Dramatic Play: Role-playing in a rain forest
  • Math & Manipulatives: Putting together and creating tangrams; Building animal dwellings with blocks























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