Program Themes for March 2013

Program Themes for March 2013

Below is a sampling of activities that your child may experience this month.



For infants, the theme is “It’s Raining.” Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language: Listening to picture books read aloud, such as Animal Babies on the Farm by Kingfisher Publications and Baby Pets by Margaret Miller; singing songs; Looking at photographs of animals and people
  • Motor: Practicing sitting up; rolling balls; building with blocks
  • Sensory: Exploring water with hands and sponges
  • Cognitive: Experiencing air blown through a straw; placing objects in and out of a box



For Toddlers, the theme is “The Sky.”  Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language: Discussing photo cards of the sky; Listening to the featured book Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert read aloud
  • Creative Arts: Creating sculptures with materials such as cardboard boxes and tubes, craft sticks, and cotton balls
  • Sensory: Exploring cotton balls, shredded paper, and feathers
  • Dramatic Play: Pretending to fly and making objects fly in a sky-themed area


Discovery Preschool

For Discovery Preschool, the theme is “The Sky.” Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language Arts : Telling stories with flannel pieces and finger puppets; Listening to the featured books Little Cloud by Eric Carle and Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathman read aloud
  • Creative Arts: Creating individual and group sculptures with play dough, two- and three-dimensional collage materials, and boxes
  • Science & Sensory: Exploring water with a variety of kitchen tools; making bubbles by whisking water
  • Dramatic Play: Role playing going on a picnic with props
  • Math & Manipulatives: Sorting by size using terms smallmedium, and large 


Preschool & Prekindergarten

For Preschool and Prekindergarten, the monthly theme is “The Earth.”  Sample activities include:

  • Library and Language Arts:Writing in sand, making sand rubbings and tracing sand letters; telling stories with flannel pieces; Listening to the featured book And the Good Brown Earth by Kathy Henderson read aloud
  • Creative Arts: Creating colored-sand art
  • Science & Sensory: Polishing rocks with sandpaper; exploring rocks with variety of gardening tools
  • Dramatic Play: Pretending to be scientists in a laboratory
  • Math & Manipulatives: Estimating the number of rocks within a container


For Prekindergarten, sample activities include:

  • Library & Literacy: Creating letters and words in sand; Reading the featured book:And the Good Brown Earth by Kathy Henderson
  • Creative Arts: Creating collages with recyclable materials
  • Science & Sensory: Cleaning and polishing rocks; exploring potting soil with gardening tools
  • Dramatic Play: Pretending to be astronauts traveling to outer space
  • Math & Manipulatives: Matching and using one-to-one correspondence by playing Dominoes; building with paper-bag blocks






















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