Wildflower Lane KinderCare

Kristin Boyd,
Center Director

150 Wildflower Lane Schaumburg IL 60173
Ph: (847) 413-9980
6 Weeks to 12 YEAR-OLDS
6:00 AM to 6:30 PM, M-F

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS: near Wildflower Lane & Schaumburg Road

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS BUSED TO: Collins, Nerge, Fairview and Dirkins (bus for Link drops at the Center)


My daughter has been with this KinderCare center since the age of four months. She has grown tremendously with the excellent care and instruction of her wonderful teachers. No parent wants to leave their child every day to work, but I leave her knowing she will be taken care of daily with respect and dignity. Every day she learns through the many educational experiences which KinderCare offers, such as painting, coloring, reading, music and outside playtime. Since she has entered the Toddler room, she comes home most days singing songs she learned them that day in school. I know my daughter is progressing in her education through the KinderCare curriculum. I have, and will continue to recommend KinderCare to any parent looking for the best childhood education for their child. - Stefanie K., Mother

Our daughter has been attending KinderCare since she was 6 weeks old. We have been extremely pleased with the care that our daughter has received. We would like to articulate how nice the staff is and how grateful we are to them for taking such great care of our precious bundle. After visiting several day cares in the Schaumberg area and not being impressed with what we saw, we chose to place our daughter at Wildflower KinderCare. As we toured the center, what struck me the most was how impeccable the center was. This to me is of the utmost importance as we need to feel that the environment is warm and safe for our child. The ladies in the infant room have such enthusiasm and are courteous. They do an awesome job with the children. To me that is immeasurable. The Center Director and her Assistant are also wonderful. My husband and I are extremely pleased that we chose to put our daughter here. It is giving her a good start towards socializing and putting her on the right track to be a leader one day! - Ruby and Saul C., Parents

As first time parents, it was very important to us to find a daycare that we felt comfortable with. After visiting the Wildflower KinderCare Center in Schaumburg, we had a great first impression. We continued to visit other day cares but nothing compared to this particular center. It is so clean and well maintained throughout and the teachers and staff are just so wonderful and friendly. It is so nice to see that when you walk in you are always greeted by the staff and/or teachers and they always ask how your child is. It was also very important to us that teachers interacted with our infant. I must say that I don't know many 4 months old babies that actually finger painted in daycare. I also like that the teachers are always singing songs and reading books to them. It is a great feeling to know that teachers and staff care for your child as if it's their own. It definitely means something to me, when your infant leaves for the day not feeling well and his teacher calls the next day to see how he is doing! It truly is a second family to us and we couldn't ask for anyone better to be a part of it! - Jennifer D., Parent

I have also never met a more remarkable group of people such as the exceptional staff you have at the Wildflower KinderCare in Schaumburg. My husband and I are beyond words for the way our family is treated there. We truly feel like they treat us like family, not just another "client". Even after 15 months of dropping off my daughter there, every single day I walk out I want to cry for two reasons...1. Because I wish I could be the one to be with her all day and care for her and 2. Because I am so grateful that I have Debbie, Lori Rogi, Almas, Rachel, Colleen, Grace and Erin to take my place. Not only that, but every single other teacher who has come into contact with my little girl in the hallway or when visiting other rooms has always given a huge smile and says "Hello" to her by name.

We didn't ever realize how scary and unpredictable the world can be at times until we had our first baby. Now, with another one on the way, my husband and I can sleep well at night knowing that she (and hopefully our newest addition) is taken care of and loved by those who care for her on a daily basis. I didn't ever expect our experience to be like this. We are overwhelmed by these individuals and their passion for what they do and who they are doing if for. Our little girl is happy and safe and that is our priority that we will not compromise. You should be extremely, extremely proud of your zealous team there. They deserve every ounce of our gratitude and graciousness and then some.

So, to answer the earlier question "for what reason do they feel the need to excel and push beyond the bounds of the norm if most people are content with just "good"? I would say that it is not that "they feel the need to excel and push beyond the bounds of norm", it is just who they are and the type of people they were meant to be in life...extraordinary. - Tiffany & Brian A., Mother

After trying a couple other daycare centers in the area and having horrible experiences, I was very thankful to have found the Wildflower KinderCare. My son is thriving in the Kindergarten classroom with Ms. Monika. Ms. Monika, and all the other staff members, have been so patient with and kind to my son and I. He loves going to "school", as he calls it, and I love being able to go to work knowing that he is in good hands. I have another son in the Toddler room with Ms Erin. He too is thriving and loves coming to daycare so he can play and learn with his friends. Thank you so much from my boys and myself. - Jennifer H., Mother

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