Wise Road/Schaumburg KinderCare

Judy Dalka,
Center Director

650 W. Wise Rd. Schaumburg IL 60193
Ph: (847) 895-1950
6 Weeks to 12 Year-Olds
6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, M-F

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS: Between Roselle and Salem Roads.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS BUSED TO: Aldrin - Hanover Highlands - Collins - Dirksen - Dooley - Einstein- Anne Fox - Endersalk - Laurel Hill - Campanelli - Ridge Circle - Heritage


Before I enrolled my daughter in KinderCare I was really nervous. Prior to KinderCare my daughter was in a nearby center that did everything but nurture and care for your child, so I removed her. My daughter has been with KinderCare for the past few years now and I have to say I love everything about this center. The Director is always informative and helpful to both my daughters and my own needs and concerns; and so do the classroom teachers. I have never had any issues and I really feel that my child is in good hands. Another plus is the Phonics program they offer. My daughter is learning to write her name, read and more, and the best part is she is only three. I never thought I would be one to post my story but I feel that people should know what a great job Ms. Judy does running this center. Thank you! - Nicole S., Mother

I would like to take this opportunity to express the gratitude to the Wise/Schaumburg KinderCare facility including the Director, Judy Dalka, and her team of teachers, for our two girls in the four and five- year-old programs. The transition to a new center was difficult for them as they attended a previous facility in Elk Grove since they were twelve weeks old. We needed to find a new school that serviced Einstein Elementary for Kindergarten and chose this location and made this our home.

Without a doubt, and after many searches, the program met our expectation. More importantly, the Director of the Program, Judy, is why we chose this facility over other KinderCare/other locations. Her willingness to assist in transition with the teachers, work with us as concerned parents and her daily involvement is why we chose this facility. She goes over and above the call of duty, and seems to understand and know each of her students and their needs, as well as each parent. She brings a smile to their faces daily and we know that any question/problem/concern that may arise will be handled.

I was referred to this facility by a friend who had her daughter here and the reason I chose this location was due to Judy's direction, as my friend suggested. We are very happy here and want to be sure that we convey this message about her and her staff.

As many are not commended enough for all that they do, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Judy Dalka, as well as the teachers, for making our girls feel at home and, more importantly, loved. Thank you for providing a family atmosphere away from home. You and your team are very important and it shows during conversations with our girls about their day! Thank you Judy and all the great teachers they interact with daily! We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you and your direction.

Our girls have learned a lot and we look forward to their bright futures! To many more years at KinderCare! - Heather & Jay D., Parents

It has been five years now since my grandchildren started attending this center. There were many places to choose from but without hesitation I can tell you that our interaction with Judy Dalka made all the difference in the decision for the children to be come enrolled in this KinderCare facility.

FIve years is almost a lifetime to children who are six and seven now. The staff members are like family to these kids and they feel safe and secure and established here. While I respect what the KinderCare company represents in a daycare facility, at the end of the day it's all about the people who interact with the children that make the difference.

I guess it was on the five year anniversary of their attendance that I really started to reflect about how these kids have grown up here and what an impact and a difference this center has made to them. It is no coincidence that Judy Dalka was there every step of the way.

When we first started going to this center she was not in the Director position, but I couldn't have been happier at the time she was promoted. It was very well deserved. She is a shining example of what a daycare Director should represent. It's never a question that the children come first. She is hands on and very involved with each and every child at that center. I have personally been in customer relations for over 30 years so I can truly appreciate how she deals with issues that arise, some of which can be very sensitive for all parties. Judy deeply cares about these children and their experiences, and has been instrumental in providing an environment that is positive and nurturing to each and every child.

Along the way we have changed residences and with Judy's help we have worked together to insure that these kids get to stay in this center. Consistency is so important for children and I would never want to upset what they have come to know and love.

It seems that you always hear right away when things aren't right or people have complaints. I wanted to be sure that I was there to talk about when things are right and give proper credit to the people who are so devoted to making a difference in the lives of these children.

Judy Dalka and her entire staff are wonderful and I would recommend this day care center to anyone who was in the need for their services.

Thanks to the staff at KinderCare on Wise Road for making such a positive difference in our lives! - Laura S., Grandmother

A Special Thank You in recognition and sincere appreciation for your exemplary efforts in ensuring our success during the indelible time we have been at the learning center from November 2012 until April 2014. We acknowledge your distinguished contribution in building up our English proficiency level. Thank you for teaching, inspiring, encouraging and challenging us. We are grateful to our unique friends in the Prekindergarten classroom. We have built together an ambiance that is filled with love and friendship.You are a great learning center, we wish you all a bright future. We will miss you as we return back home to Saudi Arabia. - Mohammad Al S., Father

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