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Shelly Duncan, Center Director
1741 Santa Clara Dr., Roseville, CA 95661

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  • Ages: 6 Weeks to 12 Year-Olds

Our center is conveniently located away from busy highways and is located in a large parking lot area close to other businesses.

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We at Knowledge Beginnings provide an exceptional education experience for your child. Our loving teachers take pride in their teaching ability to nurture every aspect of your child. We are innovators in our community with our Mandarin Immersion and our Mandarin before and after school program. We also offer events throughout the year so that our families can see the amazing growth in their child's educational development. As the Director of such an amazing school, I am overjoyed with the quality of care our families receive. I welcome you to come and see this wonderful school and join our family.

- Shelly Duncan, Center Director

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To our second family at Knowledge Beginnings-

It is with mixed emotions that our family bids farewell to our second family at Knowledge Beginnings after being a part of it for nearly eight years. Today is really bittersweet because I will personally miss each of you and seeing you every day. Okay, I will NOT miss writing the weekly checks but I will miss all of you and the wonderful care you have provided to my children over all of the years.

When I had my first child (Paige) I was really freaking out as to who I was going to leave her with once I had to return to work. Although I work in Roseville, I began checking around in Auburn where we live for daycare. I was horrified. I seriously was in tears over my options and I just did not know what I was going to do. Then I was talking with a friend at work and found out that some of the other “Enterprise Kids” attended Knowledge Beginnings…right around the corner from my office! I went to see Melissa and got the tour and I was sold. I didn’t even care how much it cost! Oh, how naïve I was! Everything at Knowledge Beginnings is special. From the directors, to the teachers, to the facilities, it is top notch. I started Paige there at the age of five months and cried like a baby the first day I dropped her off. I tried to hide it but I am sure Ms. Theresa thought I was I was crazy. Thank you Ms. Theresa for being there for me in those first, very tough weeks! I was back to normal within a week and the tears finally stopped. As Paige grew she went through all of the classes and some of her teachers are still there today. Another thing I love about Knowledge Beginnings, lots of loyalty! In December of 2008 I was lucky enough to have my son Crosby. I am not so sure those of you at Knowledge Beginnings felt as lucky as I did once he joined his sister there! Oh boy…Crosby was, and still is, a handful! He was lucky to get to be with Ms. Theresa in infants and of course, Ms. Bev. You are still #1! Ms. Irene had the joy of both of my kids. Ms. Barbara had both of my kids too. I just love Ms. Barbara! She was just what the doctor ordered for both of my crazy kids. She always got them right in line and I loved it! Ms. Denise had them both as well, although Crosby tends to forget her name, which is funny to me because he was all about Ms. Denise when he was in her class. Now Ms. April and Ms. Leslie have had the joys of him at his finest; testing the limits and being his normal, crazy, out of control self. Thank you for always finding new ways to give him outlets and never making me feel like a mom without control. (When I really did always feel that way!)

As we take the next step to public school, I hope that my children will be as lucky to have such great people teaching them, encouraging them and helping them become their own individuals as we have had there at Knowledge Beginnings. I have personally been positively affected having been a parent of children there and am always telling everyone how wonderful you all are. I have made so many long lasting friendships with other parents and our children will remain friends long after we leave Knowledge Beginnings. It is funny because when Paige and I talk about who her “best friends” are, the first three people she says are people from Knowledge Beginnings. We still see them when we can but she does not see them very often. It just proves how strong her memories of Knowledge Beginnings are. I also feel like I have made so many friends with staff there and truly will miss seeing you all each day. Thanks to Ms. Shelly for being a REALLY awesome director! You know I love you girls! Although Ms. Annie has not been there long in terms of how long we have been there, I cannot say enough good things about her. What an amazing addition she was! Annie, you are a breath of fresh air and I can only imagine how far you will go in your career. Thanks for being so much fun for us parents and the kids.

Just like the day I first brought Paige there in 2006, I think I will shed some tears as I say goodbye to all of you. I promise to come by and say hi from time to time. Yes Annie… I will!

I wish you all nothing but the best! Keep on loving our kids and teaching them as they all get ready to enter the world of education. - Cathy P., Mother

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