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Kingwood KinderCare

Ms. Robyn Meeks, Center Director

2728 Ben's Branch Dr. Kingwood TX 77339
(281) 361-4067 Contact this center

Ages: 6 Weeks to 12 Year-Olds

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Elementary Schools Bussed To:
Deerwood, Elm Grove, Foster, Greentree, Hidden Hollow, Shadow Forest

9/18 UPDATE: Repairs have begun. Please stay tuned to your email for weekly updates.


Dear KinderCare Families,

We’re all devastated by the destruction Hurricane Harvey continues to have on our families and teachers in Texas and along the Gulf. Our hearts go out to all of the children we care for every day in our center and we hope you and your family are safe. 

Although our center remains temporarily closed, we want to assure you we’ll reopen as soon as we can. 

We know our families have immediate needs to attend to. Since our center is closed, we won’t charge families tuition this week. If you’ve already made a payment for this week’s tuition, we’re going to credit your account for that amount and apply it toward your first week back in our center.

Thank you for your patience as we join the recovery effort. We’re working hard to get our center up and running again, and we’ll post new information here as it becomes available, so check this page daily for updates.

As always, you can contact our Customer Care Team at 888 525 2780 if you have any questions. If you’re a KinderCare Education employee with questions, please reach out to your manager.


Welcome to Kingwood KinderCare, where we are proud to be a Nationally Accredited program. We are very excited to meet with you and your family! We believe in developing the whole child, so we place an emphasis on assisting children's social, emotional, and physical development. Here at KinderCare, we believe it takes a village to raise a child, and our parents consider us to be an extension of their families. In addition to a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for your child to grow up in, you will have support from a team of child development experts who have a true passion for educating and nurturing children.

Ms. Robyn Meeks, Center Director

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We’re so proud!

Nationally only 10% of daycares are accredited–nearly 100% of our learning centers are. That’s a big difference, and that means KinderCare kids are getting the very best. Here’s why.

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Our kids are taking off!

By kindergarten, our kids are testing ahead of their peers. Read all about it.


Many of our child care centers are accredited by national organizations that require us to meet rigorous early childhood education standards and guidelines for high-quality care and education. Programs that are accredited have demonstrated their commitment to go beyond the state’s minimum licensing requirements to meet and maintain these high standards of quality.

Our Programs

Infant Programs (6 weeks - 1 year)

Babies grow and learn every day. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing "home away from home" where babies can explore and make new discoveries. We know that learning through play is extremely valuable at this age and our Early Foundations® Infant program is designed to give babies the skills that will serve as the building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

Toddler Programs (1 – 2 Years)

As toddlers develop friendships, self-esteem, and curiosity, our Early Foundations® Toddler program will help them explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment. Our unique curriculum is based on the philosophy that children learn best through experiences. So each day is filled with fun activities that excite and develop toddlers, giving them the comfort and confidence to speak those first few important words, as well as make their first friends.

Discovery Preschool Programs (2 – 3 Years)

At this age, children are making new discoveries daily. And as two-year olds begin to exert their independence, our Early Foundations® Discovery Preschool program is prepared to open their eyes to a world of learning, sharing, and exploring. Our holistic approach in the classroom engages young minds with a blend of music, art, and movement, as well as the early education fundamentals they'll need as they continue on to preschool.

Preschool Programs (3 – 4 Years)

As preschoolers gain more self-esteem, they may feel ready to take on the world. Our Early Foundations® Preschool program enhances that confidence by providing activities to help children become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, children will work on early literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts. A healthy dose of running, jumping, and dancing keeps them active too.

Prekindergarten Programs (4 – 5 Years)

Prekindergartners are preparing for the adventure of a lifetime – school. And our Early Foundations Prekindergarten® program is designed to get them ready by teaching letters and words, math concepts, and valuable social skills. With small group instruction, independent play in an organized atmosphere, and whole-group activities, children will have all the right skills to hop, skip, and jump right into kindergarten.

Before- & After-School Programs (5 – 12 Years)

Even after school's out for the day, children need to be engaged in a comfortable, yet stimulating environment. That's where our Catch the Wave® program comes in. This innovative before – and after-school program allows school-age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. From homework help to fun physical activities, our program is designed so that everyone goes home happy.

Teachers & Staff

The loving and devoted professionals at Kingwood KinderCare are passionate about teaching and caring for young children. Our program is nationally accredited, which means we have ensured that our teachers exceed state minimum standards for education level and ongoing professional development. Their lifelong love of learning is evident in their desire to stay abreast of new research and teaching techniques. Families meet with teachers three times per year to review their child's progress, which is documented in our developmentally appropriate assessments, portfolios, and anecdotal notes about daily achievements. We feel privileged to work alongside families to form supportive and cooperative partnerships.

  • Ms. Robyn Meeks

    Ms. Robyn Meeks, Center Director

    Ms. Robyn is very passionate about partnering with her families to provide the best early learning environment for their children. She believes that every child deserves the best. Ms. Robyn looks forward to working with children and helping them learn and grow each and every day. She has successfully led her teachers to gain recognition for her center as a nationally accredited program through NAC. Ms. Robyn is very proud of this achievement as her center provides a much higher quality of early childhood education as a result of undergoing the accreditation process. In 2005, Ms. Robyn was awarded KinderCare Center Director of the Year. She also serves as a Quality Lead Trainer by spending time training and developing teachers and center directors for KinderCare.

    Previous Experience:
    Ms. Robyn’s career teaching young children began at age 17.
    Favorite Children's Book:

    The Cat and the Hat by Dr. Suess

    Year Started:
    16 Years
    Years in ECE industry:
    Child Development Associate Credential; Director's Certificate; Director's License
  • Ms. Kay Hayley

    Ms. Kay Hayley, Assistant Director

    Ms. Kay considers the families at KinderCare to be her extended family because she has the gift of watching over and caring for their children as they grow from infants to school-age children. This is why she feels it is important to partner with all families to create the very best early learning environment for their children. Every child is different, and she loves being able to embrace these differences because they're what make each child special. Ms. Kay loves being part of a team. She feels by being both approachable and personable with our families and staff, she can create a warm and welcoming environment. 

    Favorite Children's Book:

    Ms. Kay enjoys reading to the children and her favorite read is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

    Year Started:
    8 Years
    Years in ECE industry:
    Child Development Associate Credential (In Progress)
  • Ms. Melanie

    Ms. Melanie, Infant Classroom

    Ms. Melanie's goal is to encourage children to express individuality through artistic exploration and creativity. She helps infants learn to engage with others by talking with them; communicating through non-verbal gestures; telling stories and singing songs to model conversational skills; and using picture books to build association between sounds, objects, and words. Ms. Melanie also helps infants improve mobility and coordination by supporting babies as they roll from side to side and learn to crawl, stand, and walk; supporting the development of motor skills with blocks and shape boards; and meeting children's individual needs for rest and nutrition.

    Previous Experience:
    Ms. Melanie previously worked at the Holloman Air Force Base in the Early Childhood Development Center.
    Favorite Children's Book:

    The Napping House by Audrey Wood

    Year Started:
    3 Years
    Years in ECE industry:
    Associate's Degree in Elementary Education
  • Ms. Angellica

    Ms. Angellica, Toddler Classroom

    Ms. Angellica's goal is to create a sense of community and leadership within her classroom. She uses a Classroom Council so that the children can select activities and themes that the whole group will enjoy. Ms. Angellica creates a comfortable environment deigned to boost children's confidence, self-esteem, character, and social skills. She provides experiences that develop children's ability to problem solve, observe, predict, and explore cause-and-effect relationships; provides opportunities to explore math relationships such as classification; and provides support in completing homework and school projects.

    Previous Experience:
    Ms. Angellica has previously worked for Vacation Bible School, a Church Child Care program, and Awanas.
    Favorite Children's Book:

    The Cafeteria Lady from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler

    Year Started:
    5 Years
    Years in ECE industry:
  • Ms. Gloria

    Ms. Gloria, Discovery Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Gloria recognizes that there's no one-size-fits-all method for teaching children (even for using the potty)--and so she looks for ways to help children learn and grow at their own pace, and also helps families navigate these developmental milestone as well. Children in her classroom communicate with others verbally and non-verbally to engage with the world around them and with their peers. Children make new friends and gain the confidence, self-esteem, and negotiating skills necessary for a lifetime of healthy relationships. Ms. Gloria works to ensure that children gain the comfort and confidence to forge trusting relationships, value their individuality, and have fun just being themselves!

    Previous Experience:
    Ms. Gloria has previously worked at the Learning Tree.
    Favorite Children's Book:

    Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss

    Year Started:
    4 Years
    Years in ECE industry:
  • Ms. Edna

    Ms. Edna, Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Edna's goal is to provide a positive environment where language and literacy development will flourish. She believes that when children feel secure in their environment, they are more likely to engage in frequent, age-appropriate conversations that build vocabulary and social skills. Ms. Edna works with children individually, in small groups, and as a whole group at different times during the day. She displays children's original artwork, their own writing with invented spelling, and stories dictated by children during their afternoon group time in order to build a sense of pride and ownership in the children. She also places children’s work in their portfolios and take-home folders for parents to see examples of what children are learning. Ms. Edna uses lacing cards, stencils, and writing activities to enhance fine-motor skills; strengthens coordination and gross-motor skills through running, jumping, and throwing activities; offers healthful food choices for snacks and meals; and encourages learning about the ways our bodies respond to exercise and nutrition.

    Previous Experience:
    Ms. Edna has previously worked in the early childhood education field in Singapore and Hong Kong.
    Favorite Children's Book:

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Peter Christen Asbjornsen

    Year Started:
    19 Years
    Years in ECE industry:
  • Ms. Helen

    Ms. Helen, Prekindergarten Classroom

    Ms. Helen's goal is to create a safe, nurturing "home away from home" where children can learn to express themselves and understand their own unique identities. She fills each day with fun activities that balance playtime, nurturing, and learning. Communication is important to Ms. Helen, so you'll receive regular teacher-family communication, including daily updates, monthly newsletters, and scheduled parent/teacher conferences. She looks forward to getting to know you and your family!

    Previous Experience:
    Ms. Helen has previously worked for Children's World, Children's Courtyard, and Xplor.
    Favorite Children's Book:

    The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

    Year Started:
    1 Year
    Years in ECE industry:
    Child Development Associate Credential

Upcoming Center Activities

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September's Learning Focus

Children 6 weeks to 3 years old: Spaces and Places and All About Me
As infants and toddlers explore the spaces and places around them, children in Discovery Preschool will learn all about what makes people the same as well as what makes them different. Infants will experiment with moving toy cars around, build block towers and then knock them down, and even take a tour of the center to see what things are like outside of their classroom! Toddlers will get all revved up as they take a closer look at different vehicles and learn more about neighborhoods, communities, and the jobs that grownups have. In Discovery Preschool, children will be learning about themselves as they play games that strengthen their five senses, discuss feelings and emotions, practice self-help skills, and work on learning the names of body parts.

Children 4 to 5 years old: All About Me and My Home and Family
It’s the beginning of the school year—the perfect time to get to know each other better! Older children will be spending time sharing about themselves, their homes, and their families as they learn what makes people the same and what makes them different. Children will bring their own experiences to the drawing board as they create group stories and 3-D collages about families and homes, pantomime different home- and family-related activities, and draw self-portraits. With our curriculum’s project-related learning component, children in Transitional Kindergarten work together to decide on an individual or whole-group project related to the theme. Past projects have included creating a class book about emotions or working together to build a small-scale home, but who knows—the children may come up with a unique idea that’s entirely their own!

Monday September 04, 2017
Center Closed for Labor Day

About Our Center

Our staff would like to welcome you to visit our center. The staff takes pride in keeping up to date with the latest trends in early childhood education. Ongoing training is offered to the staff during the year at the center and through various training opportunities in the community.

Languages Spoken at Our Center

  • American Sign Language
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog

Meals & Menus

Meals Served

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • PM Snack

Center Menu

Holidays Observed

We observe the following holidays:

·         New Year's Day

·         President's Day

·         Memorial Day

·         4th of July

·         Labor Day

·         Thanksgiving Day

·         Day after Thanksgiving

·         Christmas Day

Please note that because holidays observed may vary between centers, please be sure to check with your Center Director for specific closures.

Health and Safety

Our top priority at Kingwood KinderCare is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children, families, and staff. We do this through rigorous training and constant assessment and evaluation of proper policies and procedures. Your child’s security begins at the front door--literally. We have a locked security entrance that requires a numeric code to enter, with all side doors locked to ensure the security of the building. All guests or those authorized for emergency pick-ups must provide photo identification before being escorted through the building. Our teachers have all cleared local, state, and federal background checks, including fingerprinting, and have all been trained in infant and child CPR and First Aid. We do routine fire, storm, and lock-down drills to prepare for the unexpected. No child is ever left unattended, even for a minute. Teachers have all been trained in supervision, discipline and guidance, and developmentally appropriate practices to ensure they understand the risks associated with the children in their care. If your child has food allergies or specific medical conditions, we will work with you to ensure your child’s well-being while in our care. We also take the responsibility of your child’s emotional security very seriously: We want every child to feel safe, loved, and respected while at KinderCare.

At KinderCare, what families say about us means a lot. Read below some of the great experiences our families have had with us.

Share Your Story
If you have a story about your experience at KinderCare, please share your story with us.

I have two children who currently attend the KinderCare in Kingwood. All the staff members here are amazing! My two children are in the School Age Classroom, but every teacher knows my children by their first name and are so great with them. They are always so welcoming, and my children love going here.

- Mother

I have an 18-month-old son who attends the Kingwood KinderCare. He recently began transitioning over to the two-year-old room, and let me just say he is learning so much! To be honest, I am shocked at how much he has learned from the short time he has been in Ms. Paula and Ms. Angellica's class. He already recognizes all of his classmates and has learned the daily routines of the classroom. He truly enjoys coming to school every day and dropping him off happy, as well as picking him up happy, truly warms my heart. I am so thankful that my son has the opportunity to attend Kingwood KinderCare, where he not only learns, but is also loved.

- Mother

I've been a KinderCare parent for almost five years and have loved every minute. I have three kids currently enrolled (one in Prekindergarten and two in the Discovery Preschool Classroom). All the teachers, from Infant to School Age, and the Director and Assistant Director interact with my kids daily and know and love each of them. I know that my kids are getting the best attention and love each and every day. We love the KinderCare family and are extremely thankful to be a part of it!

- Mother

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