Moving with Children?

Parents Resources for Moving with Children

Home is where your child is. That’s why KinderCare child care centers make each of our 1,600 convenient locations across the country a comfortable home away from home for your child.

Moving can be confusing for kids. KinderCare can help your family adjust and cope with moving to a new neighborhood.

Our passionate teachers help your child understand that a new home is an opportunity for new friends and a fresh start. We provide a consistent, familiar experience when you switch from another KinderCare location elsewhere. You can have confidence that your child will feel welcome and secure.

You deserve the best child care in your new neighborhood. Find a KinderCare child day care center near you and schedule a visit soon.


Tips for Moving with Children


  • Involve your child by assigning important tasks
  • Allow your child to keep a special toy during the move
  • Comfort your child by communicating that moving is an exciting adventure

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