Writing in Snow

snow writing at home

Snow Writing at Home

At-home Activity

Help your child practice writing, spelling, and a little reading in a language and literacy activity that is also a fun tactile experience.

What You Will Need:

  • Cookie Sheet or plastic tray
  • White tempera paint or shaving cream

How to Prepare:

Gather the items listed. Spread the paint or shaving cream evenly across the entire cookie sheet or tray.

What to Do:

Invite your child to practice writing alphabet letters and drawing pictures in pretend snow. If needed, demonstrate how to make marks in the snow with your finger. Then invite your child to practice making marks such as alphabet letters and shapes in the snow. What pictures can your child draw in the snow? Can your child write his or her name in the snow too?

After filling the cookie sheet or tray with marks and pictures, show your child how to smooth over the top of the paint or shaving cream with your hand to clear, or erase, the marks. Then start writing in the snow all over again!


  1. I can do this even in San Diego in the Winter. (:

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