Weekly Links Roundup and Cute Photo of the Week – Back-to-School Edition!

Back-to-school season is in full swing. My daughter is beginning her transition from the 2s room to the preschool classroom at her center, so even though it isn’t technically “back” to anything it’s still a time of change in her life. She is a trooper, and has always been a child who can adapt to new situations fairly quickly, but I get the sense that even at almost-3, growing up is hard. We heard from her teachers for the first time that she needed to be told to “put on her listening ears” – my husband and I liked this phrase so we’ve picked it up at home.

How are your kids doing with the end of summer or classroom transitions? Any tips for other parents?

Here are a few good back-to-school reads from around the web:

  • “Being a mom is the most rewarding job in the world, but here’s the catch… it’s rewarding because it’s hard. In the same way that winning an Olympic gold medal is more rewarding than winning a pie-eating contest. All the blood, sweat and tears make even the smallest milestones feel monumental and heroic.” Wise words from Katherine Wintsch via HuffPost Parents.
  • The BabyCenter blog has five easy steps toward getting your child on a consistent back-to-school bedtime routine.
  • From our parent resource articles archive, tips from our education and child development experts on making drop-off time less painful.
  • This isn’t really about back-to-school, but I love the idea of serve-yourself breakfast for preschoolers, from Rookie Moms. My girl loves to pour the milk in her cereal herself, so we have been giving her dry cereal in a bowl and a little cup of milk to pour in.

And without further ado, here is our cute photo of the week!

A KinderCare student participated in their "photo booth" at the Aug. 13 Open House event.

A KinderCare student participated in their “photo booth” at the Aug. 13 Open House event.

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