Weekly Links Roundup and Cute Photo of the Week!

It’s getting to be fall here in Portland. September is always a moody month for me; we have my birthday and my daughter’s birthdays, so we have lots of celebrations (and presents…and cake!) But on the downside, it’s about to start raining and not stop for many, many months. So, to lead the weekly links I’m happy to share an excellent roundup of rainy day activities for preschoolers, from 5 Minutes For Mom.

A few more good reads from around the web:

  • Why world travel is better with a toddler and family travel tips, from Rookie Moms.
  • An ingenious new way to teach your child to tie their shoes, from Mom Advice.
  • A lovely post on choosing three simple words to use when you send your child off to school each day, from The Happiest Home.

And our Cute Photo of the Week:

A KinderCare student learns about fingerprints, and that they are unique - just like her.

A KinderCare student learns that fingerprints are unique – just like her.

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