The Importance of Reading With Your Children

Children who spend time reading, starting from just days old, have higher memory skills, motivation, and curiosity by age one. And, children who have experienced an abundance of language – which can mean just reading books out loud – will have heard 32 million more words by the time they are 4 compared to children who haven’t had a language-rich environment.

Reading with your children can set them up for a lifetime of successSo what can you as a parent to encourage reading with your child?

Become a reading role model

  • Your own words and actions will speak volumes.
  • When your child sees you reading newspapers, magazines, and books, he or she will understand the importance of reading and will want to read, too.

Read often

  • Reading with your child on a regular basis is by far the best way to encourage your budding reader.
  • Make reading a relaxed, fun activity and establish a routine time and place for reading, when possible.

Invite your child to read with you

  • Allow your child to select books he/she wants to read.
  • It’s okay if you have read the same book over and over – children love repetition and they love being able to “read” along when a book becomes well known to them.
  • Before you begin a new book, engage your child’s imagination. Read the book’s title and ask your child what the story might be about.  Allow your child to hold the book, see the illustrations, and turn the pages.

Check out our parent resource library for even more tips and resources about reading to your baby, toddler or preschooler as well as recommended reading lists by age.

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