TAKE IT OUTSIDE: 19 Ways to Inspire Nature Walks with Kids

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We can officially celebrate the fact that it feels like summer in every corner of the country. An inspired nature walk can mean so much more than a hike in the woods, but a focused narrative that can create unforgettable interactions with nature, cognitive and sensory development and wonderful memories of family time.

Location Scouting:

  • Even in areas busy and populated, many times there are hidden natural areas that you may not notice until you start looking for them.
  • If possible, take your nature walks away from the view of public playground equipment to keep your little ones focused on the richness of the natural environment.
  • Be realistic about how much walking your toddler will enjoy doing to ensure a happy experience for him or her.




What Should I Bring?

  • First aid kit, wet wipes, sunscreen
  • Plastic bags or sealable containers (1 for each child)
  • Snacks and plenty of water
  • Magnifying glass
  • Crayons and paper for rubbing surfaces like leaves and bark
  • A book on local insects, birds or trees
  • Hats, walking sticks

What Should I Look For?  

  • Fallen logs and stones:  Turn them over see what kinds of creatures have created homes underneath
  • Water sources: puddles, streams, or even curled up leaves that may have collected rain water
  • Birds and Nests:discuss their color, wingspan, sounds and habitat
  • Flowers and Plants

Make it Fun!

  • Play Hide and Seek
  • Embark on a treasure hunt: collect leaves or stones to bring home for observation
  • Color paper on top of different surfaces to capture textures, or encourage your child to create their own self-directed art
  • Crunch down to the ground, and look closely with a magnifying glass. What do you see now that you may not have noticed before? What do you hear?
  • Take a moonlit, evening walk and observe how it’s different from the daytime, particularly the sounds.

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