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Got Picky Eaters? Try These Tips!

For You: Never bribe your child to eat; keep food neutral. Keep mealtime positive. Talk positively about food. “Milk tastes yummy and it will make your bones and teeth grow strong.” For Your Child: Have quiet time prior to meals to prevent a “hyper” table. Allow kids to dish-up themselves (safely); this is called family

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A Fun Family Recipe to Try at Home

One of my son’s favorite books is The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Last weekend, we went grocery shopping and while walking through the produce section he saw a watermelon and said, “Look Mommy, that is what the caterpillar eats.” It was so cute that I had to buy the watermelon. Together we made a few “kid-friendly creations” that the caterpillar might like to eat!

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