Snow Day Fun – Educational Activities to Try at Home

Snowman girls
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My daughter and a friend playing in the snow.

We are snowed in today in Portland! It’s a big deal here, since we don’t usually get much snow. My daughter and friends built a snowman (and yes, those are broccoli eyes!), but for the most part, we’re staying inside where it’s warm and cozy. Here are some fun activities from our Education team that you can try at home to help keep your little ones busy this winter, for infants through prekindergarteners.┬áThe activities are focused on physical development, and social and emotional development. Many of the activities can be easily adapted to meet your child at his or her level of development. Simply click on the images to enlarge and print. Stay warm!


February At Home Activities_KC_Page_1


February At Home Activities_KC_Page_2

Discovery Preschool (Twos):

February At Home Activities_KC_Page_3


February At Home Activities_KC_Page_4


February At Home Activities_KC_Page_5



  1. Harold Jones (Vera)

    My hat goes off to Miss Uma!!! She does a great job with the children on a daily basis! She has worked wonders with my nephew. Thanks!!

  2. Harold Jones (Vera)

    Hats off to Miss Uma!!!

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