Read.Share.Give – Encouraging Early Literacy

Why is early literacy so important?

When kids have access to books at home and at school, studies have shown that they are much more successful in school. In fact, did you know:

  • In some of the lowest-income neighborhoods in the country there is only one book available for every 300 children.
  • 42% of children in the United States — more than 30 million — live in low-income households. Most of these children have no age-appropriate books at home, and the classrooms and programs they attend are woefully under-resourced. Approximately two-thirds of these schools and programs cannot afford to buy books at retail prices.
  • KinderCare's Read. Share. Give. program promotes early literacyChildren and adults who are illiterate or have low literacy skills have poor educational, employment and health outlooks. Many of them will not graduate from high school, will earn barely enough to stay above poverty levels, and will be more likely to engage in criminal and anti-social behaviors.

We know that children who spend time reading, starting from just days old, have higher memory skills, motivation, and curiosity by age one. And, children who have experienced an abundance of language – which can mean just reading books out loud – will have heard 32 million more words by the time they are 4 compared to children who haven’t had a language-rich environment.

That’s why KinderCare created the Read.Share.Give. book sharing program to encourage families to read with their children early, and to share books with their friends and families.

How can I get involved?

It’s easy to share a book and give to those in need.  Just follow these three easy steps:


Start by reading the children’s book you received or have chosen with your family. You can then download and print out a book label to insert into the book. Start tracking the book on our site so you can follow its journey as it is shared with others.


Pass the book to a family member or friend and ask them to do what you just did — READ and SHARE!


The more people who participate in Read.Share.Give. the more we’ll donate to non-profit early reading programs.

Get started with our Read.Share.Give. book sharing program today, and inspire a lifelong love of reading with your child!

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