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boy hiking

TAKE IT OUTSIDE: 19 Ways to Inspire Nature Walks with Kids

We can officially celebrate the fact that it feels like summer in every corner of the country. An inspired nature walk can mean so much more than a hike in the woods, but a focused narrative that can create unforgettable interactions with nature, cognitive and sensory development and wonderful memories of family time. Location Scouting:

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Healthy on-the-go snacking strategies

5 Quick and Nutritious on-the-Go Snack Ideas

We’ve all been there. It’s afternoon pick-up and you have a hungry child who needs to get to soccer practice on time. In honor of national fruits and vegetables month, we wanted to support all of our time-crunched families with ideas for incorporating both of these when we’re on-the-go and need to reach for kid-friendly

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Summer Reading Picks

Each season, our Education team compiles a new selection of book recommendations for infants through school-agers. I am excited to print out the new Summer Reading List and head down to my local bookstore with my daughter! The local library is always a hit with little ones, as well. We hope you enjoy the list

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May Activities From Our Curriculum

This month, our activities focus on building your child’s “executive function” skills. The term executive function refers to an important group of skills that include self-regulation, memory, persistence, attention, and flexibility. You can help your child develop these “school readiness” skills at home with simple, fun activities from our curriculum! Just click on the images

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A Thank You to Our Teachers

Our educators serve as tour guides for our children as they explore the world and expand their imaginations. This week marks the celebration of the teachers in our life and their very important work. In my life we have many teachers who are important to my family, however, one person stands out… Ms. Ani. We 

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flower art

April Activities From Our Curriculum

Spring is here! While we’ve been enjoying a few sunny days here and there, springtime in Portland usually means a LOT of rain. Fortunately, we have plenty of fun and activities from our KinderCare curriculum to keep us busy on those rainy weekend afternoons. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere sunny, we have you

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Baby boy drinking milk bottle

Mom to Mom: Tips For Pumping at Work

The idea of pumping breast milk at work can be daunting for many new moms, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of preparation and appropriate support from employers and colleagues, pumping, while most likely nobody’s idea of a good time, is feasible for many women. We have lots of experienced moms

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