Stop and Paint the Roses


Whether they’re popping up in gardens, pots, fields, or grassy freeway medians, flowers come in all different shapes, sizes, and hues. For this petal-powered painting activity your child can use a range of household items to create her own collection of gorgeous and vibrant blooms.           What You Will Need: Butcher

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The Essential First Day of School Book List

Young mom and 2 year old son reading together on couch

Starting school is an exciting time for the whole family. In the weeks leading up to the big first day, it’s important to talk to your child about starting preschool. How does she feel? What can he expect? Reading stories can be a great way to start that conversation.     Here are three great

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My Morning Drop-Off: A Tear-Jerker of a Tale


Fun fact that nobody tells you before you have children: Your parenting style probably has a direct correlation to your own childhood baggage. That’s a complicated little minefield to contemplate, isn’t it? For instance, I admittedly have deep-seated abandonment issues. But thanks to a stable marriage, maturity, and some tricks I learned along the way

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The Very Best Baby Gift? A Good Family Meal

Start a meal train and give mom more time to spend with her bundle of joy. Photo © Anthony Asael/Stocksy United

By Alexis Rehrmann When I had my first child, our most welcomed gifts were the visits from friends and neighbors bringing delicious, homemade food. During those first early, blurry months with a newborn, having dinner arrive at our door a few nights a week felt like heaven in a hot dish. All this was organized

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Lessons from a Potty-Training Legend

Your encouragement is his motivation. Photo © Rob and Julia Campbell/Stocksy United

Hattie Mae Covington is a veritable toilet learning legend—no wonder when you consider she’s been teaching 2-year-olds for 39 years at a KinderCare in Charlotte, North Carolina. Every day she helps toddlers work toward and achieve this major milestone. Want a little at-home assistance? Here Hattie Mae shares her seven real-world strategies for effective (and

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