Oh My Stars! What This Super-Famous Painting Can Teach Young Children

03.23.16_Fine art Van Gogh

Even those who are not art aficionados probably know the master work Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. This month, our pre-K children will get to know the painting, too—and experiment with Van Gogh’s rolling, swirling brushstroke styles. “The Starry Night is a fun and exciting painting for children to explore,” says KinderCare Education Senior

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Meet the Man Behind Our Favorite Mouse: An Interview with Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes - Chrystanthemum

Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect… that is, until her first day of school, when this cheerful little mouse is mercilessly teased for her unique moniker’s length and floral origin. Chrysanthemum wilts. Her classmates have a big impact on our tiny heroine’s budding self-esteem, but with the support of her parents and her fabulous

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Fancy Made Easy: 7 Recipes to Get Your Frittata On

Delicious hot or cold, frittatas make it easy to eat gourmet on the go. Photo by © Lauri Patterson

Looking for a quick dish that works great for mornings, weeknight dinners, and fancy brunches alike? We suggest cracking a few eggs and whipping up a super tasty and incredibly versatile Italian frittata. Sort of like an omelet crossed with a quiche, frittatas are delicious hot or cold (think easy brownbag lunch for the office).

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6 Simple Home Practices to Keep Curious Kids Safe from the Medicines You Use Every Day


Remember Mr. Yuk? Created in the 1970s, the iconic day-glo green sticker with the yucky face was supposed to teach children which household products were poisonous. While the Mr. Yuk campaign focused on household products, today, according to a 2011 article in Pediatrics, the main culprit in pediatric poisonings is medications—both prescription and over-the-counter varieties.

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 “Mom, Can We Send the Baby Back?” When Your First-Born Gets Dethroned


by Kim DeMarchi and Ann DeWitt Many parents imagine their children in a blissful future state: playing together, getting along, laughing, treating each other kindly, and always having each other’s backs. But a new baby can cause serious upheaval for older brothers and sisters. That’s understandable. Your first-born was the center of your universe, getting

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Use Your Words! 6 Books That Teach Children About Feelings

Feelings featured image

From the joyful preschooler spinning in circles to the frustrated toddler who bites: Little kids can have really big feelings.  But naming their emotions, and learning how to express them appropriately, is a big undertaking for a pint-sized person. Over time, these important skills will help your little guy care for himself, develop empathy, and grow

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