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April Activities From Our Curriculum

Spring is here! While we’ve been enjoying a few sunny days here and there, springtime in Portland usually means a LOT of rain. Fortunately, we have plenty of fun and activities from our KinderCare curriculum to keep us busy on those rainy weekend afternoons. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere sunny, we have you

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Baby boy drinking milk bottle

Mom to Mom: Tips For Pumping at Work

The idea of pumping breast milk at work can be daunting for many new moms, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of preparation and appropriate support from employers and colleagues, pumping, while most likely nobody’s idea of a good time, is feasible for many women. We have lots of experienced moms

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Jackson and me

A Dad’s Point of View: Dads Can Do It Too

by Chris Thomas When my wife and I had our son Jackson, I was a nervous wreck. Prior to Jackson, I had about as much experience with children as I had climbing Mt. Everest. My wife, who spent years working in child care, was cool and collected as she took the bulk of Jackson’s care

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Meet Chris Thomas, Editor, Education

As an editor with our education department, I collaborate with our team of writers to develop the world-class curriculum that is implemented in our centers. I, and our other editors, also work to develop and maintain KinderCare’s style and ensure our work is held to the utmost standard. I’m also dad to a rambunctious, tenacious, and

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KinderCare dad Derek bonding with baby Abbie.

Attachment: Developing a Healthy Bond with Your Baby

by Chris Thomas, KinderCare Education team As parents, we want the best for our children. In the first months of a baby’s life, that means developing a secure and healthy bond, which is a level of trust and attachment that will allow him or her to mature into a fully functioning, independent child. The Beatles

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Snowman girls

Snow Day Fun – Educational Activities to Try at Home

We are snowed in today in Portland! It’s a big deal here, since we don’t usually get much snow. My daughter and friends built a snowman (and yes, those are broccoli eyes!), but for the most part, we’re staying inside where it’s warm and cozy. Here are some fun activities from our Education team that

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Talking to Strangers – Video

The age-old wisdom “don’t talk to strangers” is not as practical as it used to be. Our own Linda Hassan Anderson discusses instead how to give children opportunities to practice what they would do in tricky situations.

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Talking With Children About Divorce

By Linda Hassan Anderson  Divorce can be a sad, stressful, and confusing life event for the entire family. From heightened emotions to big questions from the children, each family member is affected by the changes that occur when parents decide to end a marriage. There is no easy way to talk with your children about

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Accreditation: What it Means for Your Family

Accreditation is a term I was unfamiliar with before I started working at an early childhood learning company, so I thought many parents might be new to this concept as well. I asked our Quality and Accreditation team to explain what accreditation means to families – read below to learn more. (By the way, nearly

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