Beyond the Classroom

Teach your child to cook, and you'll give her a skill she'll have for life.

Holiday Help Guide: Kitchen-Safety Tips for Kids

We believe that kids belong in the kitchen. Working alongside adults, children can become proud participants in helping to bake a simple batch of oatmeal cookies or in preparing a whole holiday meal. Plus, helping with things like measuring and mixing helps develop their large- and small-motor skills. Job No. 1 for parents when cooking with kids?

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When your child offers you food or a toy, respond with an enthusiastic, "Thank you!" to model good manners.

The True Meaning of Thank You: How to Teach Heartfelt Manners to Your Kids

Parents beam when their children remember to say thank you or excuse themselves before interrupting an adult conversation. At our learning centers, our teachers often use thank you to confirm positive behaviors. Manners are more than teaching kids how to use polite language. Respect, kindness, and consideration are the core values of good manners—precisely the values that help

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