Beyond the Classroom


The Craft Table: Sparkling Skies and Sunbursts

Sunny skies, cloudy skies, starry nights, and sunsets: The sky provides infinite artistic inspiration for creative families. For this wonderfully sparkly art project, you can make a tres-chic piece of free-form art while talking with your family about the wonders and wiles of the weather. Create the sky you see with your eyes or make

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There are benefits to getting outside, having fun,  and playing in the dirt.

Are We Too Clean? The Dirt on Dirt

Dirt gets a bad rap. Yes, hand-washing and removing dirty shoes before coming into the house are important for keeping kids healthy. But a growing body of research suggests that we may be making our children too clean. According to the “hygiene hypothesis”—a concept first proposed by Dr. David Strachan in 1989’s British Medical Journal—letting

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The first step in teaching children about community-mindedness?  Get out in your community and explore what it has to offer.

How to Raise a… Community-Minded Child

While most of us associate “community” with adult activities (such as volunteering), parents absolutely can begin instilling community-mindedness in their young children—even as young as two or three! Luckily, most young children are eager to learn about their world, and you are their very best guide. Plus, introducing children to our communities builds a sense

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You bought the tickets. Are you ready to fly?

Airplane Travel with Children: A Survival Guide

Spring break is coming! Are you ready to fly with your children? No? No wonder. Packed planes, multiple connections, security lines: These days flying can be a real challenge. Add a child or three to the experience and, well, let’s just say that for parents, flying is not exactly relaxing. But there are things you can do to

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The earlier you start reading to your child, the sooner you'll set them on a path to success!

Hooked on Books: 5 Reasons to Read to Your Baby

Four-month old Lily sits on her father’s lap, one chubby hand in her mouth, the other patting the farm animals in the book in front of her. As the pages turn, Lily reaches for the pictures, squealing and gurgling with excitement as her father reads. The Campos family’s biggest reader also happens to be its

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