Sleep Well! The Art of Napping at Childcare

Photo © Alison Winterroth/Stocksy United

Even if your child is typically a super snoozer at-home, napping at school is often a concern for parents, especially during times of transition—like starting in a new classroom. Our teachers understand the worry; but rest assured, they help thousands of children every day get the good, restful naps they need. “Our teachers meet every

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Hair Help: How to Get the Gunk Out Scissors-Free

Soap and water work for some things....but not everything! Photo © Brian Powell/Stocksy United

Like flies to fly paper, at some point gunk will get stuck in your child’s hair. While the web is full of gunk-removal ideas that include products like Goo Gone®, nail polish remover, or WD-40® there are plenty of safe, non-toxic solutions. Here are the gunk-be-gone tips you need to know about. Chewing Gum The

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The Drop-Off: A Guide to Great Good-Byes

Here's how to keep things positive during the morning drop-off. Stock photo © MachineHeadz

Some children bound into a new classroom without a backward glance. But many others are, understandably, a little more nervous about starting a new school with new friends and new teachers. It’s not only children who have a hard time parting ways for the day: The morning drop off can be hard on adults, too.

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Fear Not: Teaching Safety with Positivity

How do you raise a safety-minded child?  Make safety fun (not scary), and gradually empower her to make smart choices herself.

Safety is one of the most important things we can teach children. Teaching it positively makes all the difference. This summer, we launched new thematic units for preschool and prekindergarten, including “Staying Safe.” Safety lessons are essential—and how we teach them is just as important. Rather than telling children what not to do, we teach

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The Power of Pause: In Praise of Calm


By Kim DeMarchi Here’s a scenario you’ve likely experienced: You’re trying to thumb-type an email on your mobile, but your child is constantly grabbing your shirt, trying to get your attention. You try ignoring the behavior (which doesn’t work), and then, you REACT:  “Stop! Just a minute!! Can’t you see I’m busy?!” How are you

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Mr. Softie = Me


You can always tell the size of the doghouse I’m in by what type of movie my wife uses to inflict her retribution. When I’ve stepped in a small pile, I’m merely shackled to a breezy rom-com. But if I’ve really messed up? If groveling is in order? Punishment comes in the form of the dreaded

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“Caaaaarrrryyy Me, Mama!” Should you?

Find a comfortable balance between meeting your child's needs and your own.  Photo © Maria Manco /Stocksy United

“Carry me, maaaama!” There she is, arms outstretched, looking up at you with pleading eyes: in the parking lot, in the kitchen, whether or not your hands are filled with groceries, laundry, or a baby sibling. This is a common toddler demand, and one parents are happy to honor when children are very small. But

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