Going Places: Make a Collage to Map Your Dreams


Going somewhere? Get kids jazzed with this simple collage project that all begins with a paper map (Yes, there was a time before GPS.) Little ones can practice scissor skills—or ripping and shredding, depending on their age—as you talk about all the new and fun things you’ll do together on your trip. No vacation on

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Just Brreeeeaathe. 5 Calming Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga for little people is all about learning to be calm, cool, and collected. Photo by Lawrence del Mundo/Stocksy United

Let’s face it. Sometimes our little darlings are the human equivalent of a Champagne bottle that’s been shaken—and uncorked. Before their energy or emotions spilleth over, it helps to have a few calming techniques in your back pocket. Enter toddler-friendly yoga. “In addition to the physical benefits, yoga teaches patience, focus, concentration, and self-control,” says

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Making Friends: How to Raise Kind and Caring Kids

Parents have  a big role to play in helping children become loving adults. Photo (c) Brian Powell/Stocksy United

We all want our children to have good friends—and to be a good friend to others. But friendship doesn’t have the same meaning to a toddler as it does to an adult. “In the early years, it’s less about the friendships themselves and more about parents fostering and modeling the social skills children will need

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Breakfast for Dinner!? YUUUMMM!

Not only is breakfast for dinner fun, it can be healthy, too. Photo © Helen Rushbrook/Stocksy United

By Anna Sachse A few months ago, we were post out-of-town guests and deep in a busy work-week, which meant I could hear my voice echoing in our refrigerator. We did, however, have half a pint of buttermilk and some eggs—so we decided to have breakfast for dinner. My 4-year-old’s mind was blown. Her 2-year-old

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Sure, Everyone Poops—Although My Daughter Tried Really Hard to Game the System.

Stock photo © CareyHope

By Anna Sachse My 2-year-old daughter’s stool withholding began with a single bout of constipation. Stool withholding, for those of you not-in-the-know, is common toilet-learning pitfall. Just as the name implies, it refers to a condition in which, for various reasons like anxiety or pain, a child tries to hold her poop in for a

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Dad Buys Fancy Diaper Bag. It Doesn’t Go Well.


You want to be a good dad. You really do. So you go along with the gift barrage of baby presents and ceaseless baby showers and the piles of baby hand-me-downs. You will find yourself gratefully inundated with more neonatal gadgetry than your frazzled brain can comprehend. You will never use much of it. Wipes

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