Be a Picnic Pro With These Yummy Pinwheel Roll-Ups

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Want an easy way to blow your child’s mind? Have a picnic! Dining outdoors on a blanket or at a picnic table in this-isn’t-my-house-or-school! settings like a park, by the lake, or your own backyard can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary for the kid set. From classic PB&J sammies to leftover casserole, any cuisine will

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Give More Hugs! 10 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love ‘Em Through the Power of Touch

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Multiple studies and articles have shown that skin-to-skin contact between moms and their babies immediately after birth has positive impacts on newborns. But a parent’s loving touch is just as powerful as children grow up. Let’s be clear: We’re not talking about everyday physical contact, like zipping up a pair of fuzzy footie pajamas or

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4 Ways to Teach Your Child to Ask for Attention (Without Driving You Nuts)

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“Daddy, Daddy, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddy… Just one more book? I want another hug… Can I have two more songs and a hug? …And a kiss, too?” Wanting your focused attention—and a lot of it—is perfectly natural for pre-K kiddos, and it’s a good thing! “Children thrive on consistent, loving connections with their parents and they learn to

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Chill Out: Super-Easy Frozen Red, White, & Blueberry Shortcake

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It’s America’s birthday again! This year, give your patriotic party a sweet spark with a color-coordinated dessert. We always love a fancy flag cake or star-spangled take, but making something special doesn’t have to include complicated elements like elaborate cut-outs and dyeing cake batter: Our charming red, white & blueberry shortcake only requires four ingredients

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