A Mom’s Point of View: Tips for Trick or Treating With Food Allergies

Trick or Treating With Food Allergies

Trick or Treating is a memorable time for families and here are a few suggestions in the event your child has a food allergy.

  • Speak to your doctor for any tips to help plan and manage all safe Halloween activities.
  • Carry your child’s emergency medications with you during the evening & ensure that your mobile phone is charged and readily available.
  • Incorporate gloves into your child’s costume and keep an eye on your little one to ensure there aren’t any accidental tears to candy wrappers.
  • Carry hand wipes to clean your child’s hands throughout the evening
  •  If your child is particularly sensitive then possibly schedule another family activity such as going to the movie or bowling on Halloween night. Make your own family memories with a creative alternative.
  • If you know your neighbors, stop by and give them safe treats to hand out to your child as an added level of protection
  • Have an allergen free treat bag ready to swap out once you return home.
  • Carry stickers and other small toys with you to distract your child while trick or treating to reduce the risk of them opening wrappers before returning home
  • Consider purchasing a Halloween gift from the ‘Pumpkin Fairy’ in exchange for the candy when you return home. You may want to consider this for all kids – this will reduce everyone’s sugar consumption for the day.
  • Donate any unwanted, wrapped candy to charities, such as homeless shelters.

As always, please consult your child’s doctor before Trick or Treating.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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