Here’s a Healthy & Sweet Fruit Treat to Share With Your Family

Valentines Day Healthy Snack

From Carly, KinderCare’s Registered Dietitian

What you will need:

Fruit (I found that apples, pears, kiwi, and strawberries work the best)

Greek yogurt Chocolate chips

Heart-shaped cookie cutter


1.  Cut fruit into thin slices and use cookie cutter to shape fruit into hearts

2.  In order to prevent waste, dice the left over fruit and combine in a bowl for another fruit salad

3.  Add 1-8 oz. carton of Greek yogurt into a plastic bag (Greek yogurt seems to work the best as it’s thicker).  Cut a very small hole in the corner of the plastic bag and squeeze out drops of yogurt onto a plate.  When all yogurt has been squeezed out of the bag, put plate into the freezer.  It takes about 1 hr. for drops to freeze.

4.  Arrange fruit onto plate.  Add frozen Greek yogurt drops and chocolate chips.

5.  Enjoy.


How can your kids help?

1.  Have your little one locate and pick out the different fruits in the grocery store.

2.  With adult supervision, use the cookie cutter to stamp out fruit.

3.  Make the Greek yogurt drops.

4.  Arrange fruit, Greek yogurt drops, and chocolate chips on the plate.

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