Grow Happy Goal Tracker – Set healthy goals as a family!

When you’re ready to make any change, big or small, setting goals is a great way to get started. And when you set goals together as a family, it means everyone is invested in reaching them!

You can download our Grow Happy goal tracker below, and set goals for healthier body and mind (e.g. limiting screen time, reading more together, etc.). Then check out our blog for tips and tricks from our experts on how to succeed. Post it on the fridge or the family bulletin board so everyone, even the smallest family members, can see it.

Remember that your goals should be realistic so you and your family don’t get overwhelmed. For instance, eliminating all dessert might be too daunting. Instead, try setting a goal of swapping a mid-day cookie for yogurt, or only limiting treats to a few times per week.

As you start to reach your goals, mark them off together as a family. Be proud, because you’ve earned it! Find ways to incorporate healthy rewards when you succeed, too, like a special family outing or a trip to the bookstore where everyone gets to pick a new book. Living healthier is a reward in and of itself, but for kids especially, it’s great to have something fun to look forward to.

We’d love to hear your experiences below in the comments or on our Facebook page, so please share your journey!

Download the Grow Happy Goals Tracker

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