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5 Spooktacular DIY Snacks for a Healthier Halloween

10.20.14_GrowHappy_ghost bananas

We’re not ashamed to say that we’d like Halloween to be just a wee less candy-centric, so we combed the web looking for snacks that captured the spirit of the holiday by emphasizing the fun and de-emphasizing the sugar factor. (We also wanted treats that kids can help you make, too.) These five snacks pass our healthy-Halloween… Read more

With Pasta, Browner is Better


Kids in our schools love to request their favorite lunches—and spaghetti, chicken pasta bake, and buttered pasta all count as class favorites. We also happen to make these popular meals with whole-grain pasta. (You know, the browner variety that you’ve seen next to the whiter, more refined pasta types in the grocery store.) There’s a simple… Read more

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Indeed!

Homemade Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkins aren’t just for jack-o’-lanterns and table décor. While we all associate them with the fall season and Halloween celebrations, they make an excellent addition to mealtime all year round. Whether you get your pumpkin directly from the patch or right from a can, we hope you’ll think about this lovely ingredient beyond November. Why? These… Read more

An Apple a Day? Absolutely.

apple crumble

October is National Apple Month, and at Grow Happy that is a time worth celebrating! Apples are low-calorie, a fantastic source of fiber, and a good source of vitamin C. In other words, this classic fruit is a great go-to food for growing bodies of every age. (Plus, kids happen to LOVE them.) That’s why… Read more

All Hail the Avocado!


Avocados are one of the most versatile, healthy and delicious foods produced by Mother Nature. In recent years the avocado has become more abundant and accessible, creating more and more enthusiasts around the country, lucky for us!         Our bodies love avocados. Here’s why: Good source of healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated… Read more

5 Healthy Summer Thirst Quenchers


Did you know the human body is 60-70% water? During the summer as we spend more time outdoors and increase our activity level, our body’s rate of water loss increases dramatically, making regular hydration incredibly important. Drinking an ice-cold glass of water on a hot day can be very satisfying, but adding an element of… Read more

10 Pantry Staples, 5 Simple Meals


When did August get here? Back to school season is upon us which means schedules are about to get a little hectic. When life gets busy, it can be tempting to go for inexpensive, fast food. But with just a little planning, eating healthy on a budget can be a breeze. To help, we’ve put… Read more

In Praise of Peaches This Month!


Peaches are top of mind for us in August because at this time of year, they are the most popular fruit purchased by our centers around the country. Take advantage of the season! They are a good source of fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Here are 6 easy ways to serve peaches to even the pickiest of eaters, kids and grown-ups alike.