Tips & Tricks for a Healthier Family

Let Me Eat Chocolate

Dark chocolate is good for you!

Sure, flowers are nice, but many of us love Valentine’s Day for one primary reason: the chocolate. Around this time of year, we can get our fill. But if you’re a chocolate lover and health-conscious, well, not just any chocolate will do. Dark chocolate is the better choice due to its health benefits. About now,… Read more

The Vitamin Every Woman & Baby Needs

When you're trying to get your recommended daily allowance of folate, spinach is a great choice.

“So, how’s your folate intake?” That may not be a question you hear often, but as a dietitian, I want us to get comfortable talking about it. So let’s talk. Folate and its synthetic companion, folic acid, is an essential B vitamin, especially for women who are hoping to become pregnant or are of child-bearing… Read more

Holiday Meal Showstopper: Orzo-Stuffed Pumpkins.

pumpkin risotto

The pumpkin has been referred to as the “dark horse” of the super foods and for good reason: We rarely think of pumpkins beyond carving a Halloween jack-o-lantern or baking them into Thanksgiving pies. The truth is the pumpkin is an incredible, underutilized food that offers a wealth of health benefits. This recipe will wow… Read more

Are Your Kids Drinking Enough Water? How to Make Sure Your Family Stays Hydrated This Winter

Kids playing outside in winter.

Many of us think about hydration during summer, when red faces and sweaty shirts provide obvious cues to drink up. But proper hydration is just as important in winter, if not more so. Research shows that illnesses that cause dehydration—like the flu and norovirus—happen more frequently in the colder months. Plus, all those warm layers… Read more

Root for Roots! Earthy and Sweet, These Veggies Keep You Grounded.

Hidden beauties: Root vegetables true gems.

There is something marvelous and mysterious about vegetables that grow entirely underground. Earthy and often colorful (think beets and carrots), root vegetables absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil—and that’s a good thing. A diet rich in root vegetables delivers essential vitamins such as A, C, and K, as well as potassium and plenty of… Read more

The Super-Powered Sweet Potato

baked round sweet potatoes

Often considered a staple of the holiday table, the spectacular sweet potato also makes a great addition to mealtimes any time of year. Its brilliant dark-orange flesh is rich in beta-carotene and chock full of Vitamin A—essential for keeping our vision and skin healthy. Sweet potatoes’ flavor also makes them tasty even for children who… Read more