Kid-Approved Recipes

Kick Out the Jams!

Photo (c) Pavel Gramatikov/Stocksy United

There’s really no wrong way to eat jam. Paired with peanut butter, swirled into yogurt or oatmeal, garnishing a cheese plate, or smeared on pancakes, waffles, biscuits, scones, or startlingly trendy toast, jam is, well… the jam. Jarring your own jam is an easy, fun project that’s also a great way to cut back on… Read more

Make Your Own Fruit Leather

Easy DIY Fruit leather. Goodness without the preservatives.

One of my favorite on-the-go snacks for my kids (ages almost 2 and almost 4) is Stretch Island Fruit Co. fruit leathers. Each deliciously tart, chewy strip is a quarter serving of pure fruit, with no added sweeteners or preservatives. Other commonly sold brands contain corn syrup and partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil (an artificial trans… Read more

Strawberries! 7 Sweet Ways to Use the Ultimate Summer Fruit

Take advantage of these sweet berry delights this season!

Anyone who’s  eaten one of those crunchy white strawberries in December knows there’s no substitute for a sun-ripened, juicy red strawberry grown in season. So when summer rolls around, it’s prime time to make the most of the healthy ingredients and cook up a storm with strawberries. From frozen treats to classic shortcakes, we’ve gathered… Read more

Healthy Popsicles to Help You Cool Off, Guilt-Free

Homemade popsicles: Easy to make with all natural ingredients. Your kids will love them! Photo by © wundervisuals

We love the whole homemade popsicle craze. Thanks to a cornucopia of popsicle molds on the market, serving up some frozen treats on a hot day no longer means you have to grab a sugar-laden pint of ice cream or artificially colored popsicle from the freezer. Homemade popsicles can be made with natural ingredients—and they… Read more

Wholesome Meals! 3 Old-World Grains, 9 Modern Recipes

Whole grains: They're super foods that are gaining in popularity! Which ones have you tried?

You’ve likely heard that whole grains are good for you, but there’s a whole lot more to whole grains than brown rice. Farro, sorghum, bulgar, quinoa: More and more supermarkets are stocking up on ancient grains, a group of super foods that increasingly is becoming mainstream. General Mills even released an ancient-grain-powered Cheerios variety in… Read more

Meyer Lemons: The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Citrus

Meyer lemons: They make the best lemonade ever!

If you’re looking for a bright idea to put a little zest in your spring brunch, look no further than the Meyer lemon. Cookbook author and former pastry chef Ellen Jackson extolls the fruit in her forthcoming new book, The Lemon Cookbook: 50 Sweet & Savory Recipes to Brighten Every Meal (available April 28 from… Read more