Cooking With Kids

Turns Out, Chicken Soup is Good for Your Soul!

Stuck inside for a while? You'll feel better with a bowl of homemade chicken soup.

Mothers across history have turned to chicken soup to help everything from the winter sniffles to a broken heart with good reason: It’s the ultimate healthy comfort food and it’s so easy to make at home. While no research has proven conclusively that chicken soup actually cures the common cold,  according to the National Institutes… Read more

5 Spooktacular DIY Snacks for a Healthier Halloween

10.20.14_GrowHappy_ghost bananas

We’re not ashamed to say that we’d like Halloween to be just a wee less candy-centric, so we combed the web looking for snacks that captured the spirit of the holiday by emphasizing the fun and de-emphasizing the sugar factor. (We also wanted treats that kids can help you make, too.) These five snacks pass our healthy-Halloween… Read more

5 Speedy Breakfast Recipes for Hectic Weekday Mornings

Breakfast burritos

Mommy, what’s for breakfast?? Sound familiar? Now that school is back in full swing, getting your household ready for the day can require many steps that may include diaper changing, bathing, brushing teeth, combing hair, eating breakfast and getting dressed, all before you have a moment to tend to yourself. Here at Grow Happy, we… Read more

10 Pantry Staples, 5 Simple Meals


When did August get here? Back to school season is upon us which means schedules are about to get a little hectic. When life gets busy, it can be tempting to go for inexpensive, fast food. But with just a little planning, eating healthy on a budget can be a breeze. To help, we’ve put… Read more

Video: Peaches and Cream Muffins

Muffins are a great opportunity to use whole-grain flour. You can make these muffins year-round using canned or frozen peaches, but they’re amazing with fresh, in-season peaches. If you don’t have access to peaches, try other fruits. Chopped apples, frozen blueberries or frozen raspberries are all great. Kids can help by measuring and combining ingredients,… Read more

Video: Turkey Wrap with Veggie Cream Cheese

These wraps feature multicolored, vitamin-and-mineral-packed vegetables. Together with whole-grain tortillas, use these wraps to introduce a wider variety of vegetables into children’s diets. Shopping for these veggies can be fun too; your child can help you pick out produce in the grocery store. In the kitchen, kids can help by dicing vegetables, spreading vegetable cream… Read more

Video: Mini Meat Pizzas/Calzones


This is a great midweek recipe. It’s fun to do together, bakes quickly and can be a complete meal with protein, whole grain and veggies. Choose your favorite meat, vegetables or any combination you like. Try using whole grain dough instead of white flour dough. Kids can help by rolling out the pizza dough, measuring… Read more