Got Picky Eaters? Try These Tips!

For You:Picky Eaters

  1. Never bribe your child to eat; keep food neutral.
  2. Keep mealtime positive.
  3. Talk positively about food. “Milk tastes yummy and it will make your bones and teeth grow strong.”

For Your Child:

  1. Have quiet time prior to meals to prevent a “hyper” table.
  2. Allow kids to dish-up themselves (safely); this is called family style dining.
  3. Turn off the TV to decrease distractions.

For The Food:

  1. Offer foods in different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  2. Have your child participate in meal prep; kids are more apt to eat food that they helped to prepare.
  3. Remember, a food must be served 8-10 times before a “picky” eater will eat that food in an acceptable portion.

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