Educational Christmas Gifts: Toys that promote learning and growth

Whether you’re looking for a last minute holiday gift or something special any time of year, our list of top toys are sure to engage and delight. This holiday season, parents can purchase toys that will offer children what they crave – fun and engaging activities that will keep their minds active. Ensuring your child engages in these activities at home and within their child care environment can help prepare them for future success in school.

Holiday Journal

Studies have shown that even young children enjoy exploring writing and that their scribbles and scrawls have meaning to them. This type of writing is called prewriting and it helps children develop language and literacy skills. Employing these simple tips to inspire your child’s creativity will help their early literacy development:

  • Encourage writing for a reason and make writing a part of daily life
  • Invite your child to dictate his or her story into a tape recorder, then write the story down and read it back to your child
  • Inspire an art book by encouraging your child to draw holiday memories

Books are a great educational Christmas gift for children

A Great Book

Incorporating reading into early child education is important to your child’s development. In fact, a recent ‘Back-to-Preschool’ survey revealed that 78% of preschool parents surveyed believe reading is important for kindergarten readiness. For a list of simple steps to encourage early childhood literacy and some great book titles, check out this article by KinderCare Learning Centers. 

Musical Instrument

An age-appropriate musical instrument or game is a great gift for your child. Ongoing research proves that early exposure to music helps children think, reason, create, and express themselves. Children will laugh and learn about rhythm and vocal melodies, which can lower stress and advance memory capacity.

Art Supplies

Allowing your child to express themselves through the power of art can help enhance their creativity and imagination. They also gain enhanced eye-hand coordination through drawing and painting.

Outdoor games are a great gift to keep kids activeOutdoor Game or Activity

Movement plays a critical role in children’s health and development or important capabilities. For example, young children learn to run, skip, hop, and coordinate muscles primarily with practice. We also know that children who develop healthy habits, including regular exercise, early are more likely to be physically fit throughout their lives.

Give a Gift That Keeps On Giving

Choosing a gift that falls into one of these categories will ensure your child stays active and engaged with the world around them. These toys are sure to keep them entertained while also helping to prepare them for their educational journey. Games and toys that focus on early childhood development and education have been proven to ensure future success in school. Give a gift that will last a lifetime!

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