Dressing for the Weather

dress winter at home Dressing for the Weather

At-Home Activity

Watch your child fine-tune large- and small-muscle skills in this activity focused on  physical development.

What You Will Need:

Clothing items that have buttons, zippers, Velcro® fasteners, snaps, and laces

How to Prepare:

Gather a variety of clothing items with different types of fasteners.

What to Do:

Show your child the various clothing items you have gathered. Talk about dressing for cold weather and how cold-weather clothing such as sweaters  coats, jackets, and boots have different kind of fasteners. Hold up the clothing items one at a time and ask your child questions about each time, such as “How would you fasten this coat?” or “What are these things on the sweater called?…Yes, they’re called snaps.” Then have your child put on the clothing items and practice fastening the different kinds of fasteners.


  1. At what age would you start this activity? Do you think age 18 months is too young?

    • Hi Laurie, I think it’s a great learning opportunity when you have a grown-up showing little how to dress for the weather. As always, have adult supervision during the entire time. Thank you and have fun!

  2. This sounds fun, I will have to try this.

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