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Millennial Moms & Dads: 6 Ways They’re Raising Kids Differently

Photo by © Dina Giangregorio/Stocksy

Move over, baby boomers. It’s official: Millennials (those currently aged 18 to 34) now number 75.4 million people—more than any other generation, including the baby boomers. And right now, those millennials are raising the yet-to-be-named future generation of Americans. Which got us thinking: Are millennial parents all that different from the parents of yesteryear? According

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You Got This! Advice for New Parents, From Award-Winning Infant Teacher Janet Simons


Janet Simons has spent 25 years—her entire career, really—caring for infants at Shoreview KinderCare in Minnesota. How many babies has Simons nurtured over the decades? “I wish I would’ve kept track,” Simons says. “It’s an awesome number.” In other words, Simons has more experience caring for young babies than most of us will ever have. For her

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The Very Best Baby Gift? A Good Family Meal

Start a meal train and give mom more time to spend with her bundle of joy. Photo © Anthony Asael/Stocksy United

By Alexis Rehrmann When I had my first child, our most welcomed gifts were the visits from friends and neighbors bringing delicious, homemade food. During those first early, blurry months with a newborn, having dinner arrive at our door a few nights a week felt like heaven in a hot dish. All this was organized

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Chores for Every Age: A Guide to Growing Good Helpers

Keep it fun and age appropriate and every member of the family can help keep a clean house.

Chores—and when or whether young children should do them—is a hot topic these days. Some insist that chores are critical to children becoming responsible adults and should thus be started early. Some insist the work can wait. No matter your family’s feelings on the topic, children as young as 2 or 3 can learn the importance of

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