Starting School

Award-Winning Infant Teacher Talks Good Naps and Safe Sleep

The safest position for babies to sleep in is on their backs, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Photo by: Lumina/Stocksy United

Veteran infant educator Wendy Spriggs knows just about everything there is to know about getting babies to sleep: As a KinderCare teacher, mother of three, and 2012 KinderCare Education Educator Award Winner, she’s been calming, soothing, holding, and singing to babies in her infant classroom for over a decade. We sat down with this experienced educator

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Sleep Well! The Art of Napping at Childcare

Photo © Alison Winterroth/Stocksy United

Even if your child is typically a super snoozer at-home, napping at school is often a concern for parents, especially during times of transition—like starting in a new classroom. Our teachers understand the worry; but rest assured, they help thousands of children every day get the good, restful naps they need. “Our teachers meet every

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The Drop-Off: A Guide to Great Good-Byes

Here's how to keep things positive during the morning drop-off. Stock photo © MachineHeadz

Some children bound into a new classroom without a backward glance. But many others are, understandably, a little more nervous about starting a new school with new friends and new teachers. It’s not only children who have a hard time parting ways for the day: The morning drop off can be hard on adults, too.

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New Guidelines on Children’s Sleep! Is Your Child Getting Enough? Are you?

Adults can get away with shaving off an hour of sleep here and there. But for children, sleep is a must!

The National Sleep Foundation just issued new recommendations for how many hours of sleep infants, children, and adults need as they age. That’s critical information for parents. The announcement gives us all the chance to take stock of sleep habits in our own homes: Is your child getting enough? Take a look: Newborn (0-3 months)

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