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For the Love of Puddles: Splish, Splash…Smart!

Go ahead, get wet! It's great for children's brains. 
Photo by © Sally Anscombe/Stocksy United

Rainy days aren’t just for playing inside. Embrace the April showers—and the puddles that come with them—by turning splash time into a chance to explore, play, and be goofy with your kid. Like tide pools at the ocean, puddles are little worlds unto themselves, giving glimpses of reflected sky, clouds, trees, and your little one’s

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Petal Power: 5 Ways to Teach with Tulips  

Immerse yourself in a field of flowers, and your heart will bloom for days. Photo by © Suprijono Suharjoto/Stocksy United

Your child is growing, and during spring, so is the world around her—making the season a perfect time to teach children about colors, plants, and the importance of caring for the natural world. Nurturing your children’s curiosity about how things grow is as easy as taking a walk around your neighborhood to look for emerging

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Yummy Little Egg Muffins to Make with Your Little Muffin

Tasty frittata muffins that your kids will love to make and love to eat!

When it comes to a spring brunch, we like to have kid-sized foods on the table—you know, the type that’s just right for kid-sized hands to pick up and eat. These individual frittatas, adapted from a recipe on and cooked in nonstick muffin tins, fit the bill. Let your budding chef help you make them: For kids, the kitchen is

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Today’s a Great Day to…Leap with Your Little!

When a child is able to leap across a puddle, it's a sure sign she's hitting her stride physically. Photo by © Cherish Bryck/Stocksy Unlimited

It’s a leap day! We think leaping is a pretty a big deal: Giving children lots of chances to move run, hop, jump, and yes, leap, helps them to develop strength, stamina, coordination and confidence. In fact, one of our learning standards for children around age 3 is “leaps with increased proficiency.” (Plus,  no matter

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Crafty Homemade Cards, Full of Fun & Love


Never mind the chocolates, to the diamonds, say pshaw. No Valentine’s Day gift beats a handmade card from a child. Melt hearts with this surprisingly simple cut-and-paste craft project: Little fingers paste ribbons on paper willy-nilly, and then a cutout overlay pulls it all together for a sweet, polished look.          

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