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Crafty Homemade Cards, Full of Fun & Love


Never mind the chocolates, to the diamonds, say pshaw. No Valentine’s Day gift beats a handmade card from a child. Melt hearts with this surprisingly simple cut-and-paste craft project: Little fingers paste ribbons on paper willy-nilly, and then a cutout overlay pulls it all together for a sweet, polished look.          

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Must. Drink. Now: Real Hot Cocoa, 5 Ways

Photo © joshlaverty

Nothing puts the exclamation point on a cozy night in like a cup of hot cocoa. It’s the perfect sipper for reading stories by the fire or cuddling up with your little cutie on the couch. Sure, the packaged mixes are easy (just dump it in a cup and voilà!). But the made-from-scratch versions of

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5 Ridiculously Cute Ornaments Your Kids Can Help Make

An oldy but a goody: yarn-wrapped stars. Photo © Pixel Stories/Stocksy United

Holiday ornaments are such a joy to bring out each winter. Whether you’re the sort that carefully wraps each one in a sheet of tissue paper or more of the “just-chuck-‘em-back-in-the-box” type, ornaments have a way of triggering good memories. Homemade ornaments especially evoke feelings of warmth and togetherness, which is why we love to

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Easy Pinecone-Stamped Ornaments


Nature makes its mark in this simple, fun project that turns air-dry clay into festive ornaments. They’ll make a great addition to your holiday décor, whether hanging from a Christmas tree or a garland above the fireplace! They also make great gifts for grandparents, favorite babysitters, and best buds.           What

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