Infant (0-12 months)

All About Drool: The Drippy, Droppy Facts

You may go through stacks of onesies and bibs during drool-filled months, but that drool is doing good things for your baby. Photo by © YinYang

Bibs aren’t just for meal time! By the time your baby is around two months old, you may find yourself with more and more soggy blankets, drool rags, and onesies. Sure, non-stop drool can be messy, but it’s not just a slick, slippery hassle—infant saliva serves some very important purposes in your little one’s development.

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Homemade Baby Food: Create a Good Eater for Life

Baby gourmet: Make your own baby food, and the flavors combos are (nearly) endless.

Jarred baby food may win on grab-and-go convenience, but many parents enjoy making their own baby food. By making it yourself, you can control the source of your ingredients and develop your baby’s palate for a wider variety of foods. Plus, shop smart, and you can save on cost. How do you know if your baby is

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The Straight Scoop on Teething and Sleep

Are those tiny teeth keeping your little one up at night? 
Photo by: Meaghan Curry/Stocksy

What’s the deal with teething and sleep difficulties? That’s the kind of thing you find yourself wondering about at 2 a.m. when your very cranky little one just can’t seem to settle down. Like with many baby conundrums, from mysterious low-grade fevers and runny noses, to weird poops or general grumpiness, it’s easy to decree

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4 Wet-and-Messy Activities for Babies, From Award-Winning Teacher Megan Martina

Top early childhood educator Megan Martina encourages the children in her class to explore the world. Photo by Getty Images.

Twice a week, every week, the boys and girls in our infant classrooms get wet and messy. In fact, “Wet and Messy” activities—in which babies explore, touch, and and even crawl on different materials and textures—are a core part of our infant program. There’s a reason for that: “Babies learn about the world  through their senses,”

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You Got This! Advice for New Parents, From Award-Winning Infant Teacher Janet Simons


Janet Simons has spent 25 years—her entire career, really—caring for infants at Shoreview KinderCare in Minnesota. How many babies has Simons nurtured over the decades? “I wish I would’ve kept track,” Simons says. “It’s an awesome number.” In other words, Simons has more experience caring for young babies than most of us will ever have. For her

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6 Ways to Help Your Baby Get the Night-Night He Needs

Photo © Kayla Snell/Stocksy United

It’s 2 a.m. and little Quinn is wide awake and calling (okay, wailing) for you—again. But hey, good news! If your child is healthy and over six months of age, then she is developmentally ready to learn self-soothing skills. It’s not always easy, and will probably take time and patience—but by integrating certain techniques and

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