Positive Parenting

Give More Hugs! 10 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love ‘Em Through the Power of Touch

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Multiple studies and articles have shown that skin-to-skin contact between moms and their babies immediately after birth has positive impacts on newborns. But a parent’s loving touch is just as powerful as children grow up. Let’s be clear: We’re not talking about everyday physical contact, like zipping up a pair of fuzzy footie pajamas or

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4 Ways to Teach Your Child to Ask for Attention (Without Driving You Nuts)

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“Daddy, Daddy, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddy… Just one more book? I want another hug… Can I have two more songs and a hug? …And a kiss, too?” Wanting your focused attention—and a lot of it—is perfectly natural for pre-K kiddos, and it’s a good thing! “Children thrive on consistent, loving connections with their parents and they learn to

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The Destroyer: 8 Positive Strategies to Channel Big Feelings in a Better Way

"That's your sister's special picture!" Got a ripper? Teach him a better way to express his feelings.

Has this ever happened to you? You tell your sweet, reasonably well-behaved kiddo that it’s bedtime—but instead of taking your hand and heading up the stairs, he responds by tossing his little chair across the room. Boom! He’s been transformed into a stomping, swiping, throwing little destruct-asaur right before your eyes. The impulse to break,

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Pretend Gun Play: Why Do Some Little Boys Love it? And What Should You Do About It?

Why do some little boys have such a fascination with gun play? Photo by © Julia Pivovarova

There he is—your sweet little guy is suddenly leaping off the couch, holding a stick and shouting, “Bang, bang, bang-bang-BANG!” From playing cops and robbers to making Lego® guns and drawing pictures of battles, a fascination with weapon play is normal for many boys—and some girls, too. But it can also be really distressing for

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Millennial Moms & Dads: 6 Ways They’re Raising Kids Differently

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Move over, baby boomers. It’s official: Millennials (those currently aged 18 to 34) now number 75.4 million people—more than any other generation, including the baby boomers. And right now, those millennials are raising the yet-to-be-named future generation of Americans. Which got us thinking: Are millennial parents all that different from the parents of yesteryear? According

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Bath-Time Fears: the Naked Truth

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Your little water baby absolutely loves the bath, every day gladly bounding into the tub and splashing and playing with glee. And then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, he refuses to go anywhere near the tub: “No bath! No, no, no, no, no!” A fear of baths and water, it turns out, is a

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