Positive Parenting

Follow Her Bliss: Help Your Child Find Her True Passions

Anne Leonardi helps the kids at her Champions before-and-after school program discover what they love.  

Photo by Getty Images.

To her elementary-aged students, Anne Leonardi is a real yes-man (actually, she’s a yes-woman). “I don’t like to say no,” says Leonardi. “I like to say, ‘Absolutely!’” A Site Director of the Champions before-and-after school program at Dugan Elementary in Marlboro, New Jersey, Leonardi also won a 2015 Early Childhood Educator Award. Her yes-we-can approach

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Tamale, Pierogi, Pecan Pie: Celebrate Your Family’s Culinary History

Teach your family's history by bringing history and your children into the kitchen! Photo © Cherish Bryck

Did you grandparents emigrate from another country but keep making perogies, tamales, or bánh tét? Can you remember the smell of your Texan grandmother’s famous pecan pie? Research shows that it’s important to share family history with our children. Here in America, where so many generational stories have been lost over the expanse of the

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Turn Your Picky Eater into a Foodie


By Kim DeMarchi and Ann DeWitt “Eat two more bites!” “I swear, Izzy will only eat chicken nuggets!” “We don’t have a single gram of sugar in our house—and that’s how it’s going to be now and forever.”  “I make a quesadilla for Kai and one meal for us—it’s the only way he’ll eat!” Welcome

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Nightmares No More!

As children's imaginations blossom, so may their nighttime dreams, both good and bad. Photo by Lawrence Sawyer

It’s the wee hours of the morning, and your child is standing at your bedside, tugging at your arm, wide-awake and scared: She’s had a nightmare. While witnessing it can tug at your heartstrings, know that it’s also quite typical for children. “Dreams, even disturbing ones, are a part of normal development,” says Dr. Elizabeth

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10 Good Ways Families Can Do Good During the Holidays

Photo © energyy

It’s natural that many young children will make simple associations with the upcoming holidays: Thanksgiving=turkey! Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa =presents! It’s also natural that many modern parents want to show their children the deeper meaning of ideas like “gratitude” and “generosity.” One of the best ways to teach these concepts? Get out into you community as a family

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The Knee-High Chef: Kitchen Tasks for Every Age

From math concepts to fine-motor skills, making a meal can teach your kids a lot! Photo by Ryan J Lane.

Love the idea of bonding with your child while promoting healthy eating, confidence, language skills, cognitive development, and physical development? Get your budding sous chef into the kitchen! Sure, it may take a little more time to make a meal and a pinch of patience (plus some extra cleanup), but the benefits are many—and nothing

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“Mama, There’s a Monster Under My Bed!” Banishing Bedtime Fears

Photo © Saptak Ganguly/Stocksy United

While it’s wonderful that children’s imaginations can make the ordinary magical (that cardboard box is definitely a rocket ship!), imagination can sometimes make the ordinary scary for a small child—think about that dark closet, which come bedtime, is suddenly full of monsters. “Nighttime fears are very common between ages three and six and often appear

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