Positive Parenting

 “Mom, Can We Send the Baby Back?” When Your First-Born Gets Dethroned


by Kim DeMarchi and Ann DeWitt Many parents imagine their children in a blissful future state: playing together, getting along, laughing, treating each other kindly, and always having each other’s backs. But a new baby can cause serious upheaval for older brothers and sisters. That’s understandable. Your first-born was the center of your universe, getting

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The Art of Kind AND Firm Parenting


by Kim DeMarchi Some parents are kind, but not firm. Other parents are firm, but not kind. Still other parents vacillate between two extremes—at times being overly permissive and at others being overly authoritarian and dominating. The key to effective parenting? Find the sweet spot—by being both kind AND firm simultaneously. You’ll know when you’ve

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No Is Not a Bad Word: Tips for Respectfully Saying (and Hearing) It


By Kim DeMarchi When I was a child, I was not allowed to say no to my parents—not ever. Their parenting style was authoritarian, the old children-should-do-as-they’re-told-and-not-ask-questions approach to child-rearing. Nonetheless, I found plenty of rebellious ways to say no indirectly, especially as a preteen. (I’ll spare you the details, but it involved a lot

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