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So Your Kid Went Thermonuclear….


According to my phone it was my wife calling, but the voice on the other end of the line sounded like it was coming from a combat zone—as if she were storming Normandy Beach in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. There was screaming, the unmistakable sound of tiny little hands hitting flesh, yelps,

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From Snot to the ER: A Defining Family Moment


It started—as many medical traumas do—with snot. An insistent cough. A slow-boiling fever. After a week of what can best be described as “ick” and a steady stream of sleeplessness, though, all of her symptoms decided to riot on a Friday night in September. Little E woke up sweating and screaming and whimpering and vomiting.

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To TV… or not to TV? That Is the Question.


When Little E was born we had the best of intentions. “Down with TV” was our mantra; “no remote can control us” was our motto. We would throw off the chains of the Internet age and retreat to the simpler, richer world of the Luddite. We would stoke our child’s creativity with craft projects and

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Animal Instincts: The Day I Lost My Cool


Childbirth has a way of breaking us down to our most basic evolutionary DNA. Women become nurturers and nest-builders, men become flinty-eyed protectors, and the whole family morphs into some sort of insular tribe. And while we’ve long-since traded in our spears and loin clothes for blue jeans and smart phones, the urge to guarantee

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