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Follow Her Dreams: How to Help Your Child Find Her True Passions

Anne Leonardi helps the kids at her Champions before-and-after school program discover what they love.  

Photo by Getty Images.

To her elementary-aged students, Anne Leonardi is a real yes-woman. “I don’t like to say no,” says Leonardi. “I like to say, ‘Absolutely!’ And I always follow children’s lead.’” A site director of the Champions before-and-after-school program at Dugan Elementary in Marlboro, New Jersey, Leonardi also won a 2015 KinderCare Educator Legacy Award. Her yes-we-can approach means

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5 Hands-On Ways to Learn With Your 5-Year-Old

Award-winning teacher Kim Bouchie believes in hands-on learning experiences for children.

“Kindergarten is about connecting concepts and putting it all together,” says 2015 KinderCare Education Legacy Award Winner Kimberly Bouchie, who teaches 5 -year-olds at Stoneham KinderCare in Stoneham, Massachusetts. In kindergarten, letters start to become words, and numbers start to add up to something bigger.  These important lessons prepare children for success in elementary school—but that

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4 Wet-and-Messy Activities for Babies, From Award-Winning Teacher Megan Martina

Top early childhood educator Megan Martina encourages the children in her class to explore the world. Photo by Getty Images.

Twice a week, every week, the boys and girls in our infant classrooms get wet and messy. In fact, “Wet and Messy” activities—in which babies explore, touch, and and even crawl on different materials and textures—are a core part of our infant program. There’s a reason for that: “Babies learn about the world  through their senses,”

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You Got This! Advice for New Parents, From Award-Winning Infant Teacher Janet Simons


Janet Simons has spent 25 years—her entire career, really—caring for infants at Shoreview KinderCare in Minnesota. How many babies has Simons nurtured over the decades? “I wish I would’ve kept track,” Simons says. “It’s an awesome number.” In other words, Simons has more experience caring for young babies than most of us will ever have. For her

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His Very First Book is Taking Flight: Meet Karl cropped

Portland-based author and illustrator Karl Newsom Edwards presents his debut picture book, Fly!, for children ages 3 to 5 at Wordstock this weekend. We caught up with Edwards to talk about his book, what makes reading fun, and why he decided to create stories for kids. The Story Worm can “wiggle.” Ant can “march.” But

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Rilla Alexander’s New Book Celebrates Little Ideas…and Big Possibilities 800x764

Portland-based author and illustrator Rilla Alexander’s newest picture book, Her Idea, is a book for children of all ages. We talked with Alexander about her book, what makes kids such terrific readers, and how she came up with the idea for, well, Her Idea. The Story “The main character, Sozi, is suspiciously like me. She loves

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We’ve Got Heart! Kate Jordan-Downs Gives Back

Kate Jordan-Downs, Director of Inclusion Services at Knowledge Universe.

“Instead of asking ‘What’s wrong with this child?’ it’s about asking ‘What happened to this child?’”—Kate Jordan-Downs, Director of Inclusion Services at KinderCare Education Who: Every day, Kate Jordan-Downs and her team work to make sure every child is welcome in our centers and that every child’s unique abilities are nurtured and celebrated. When there

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We’ve Got Heart! Katie Gallagher Gives Back

Katie Gallagher is the Assistant General Counsel at Knowledge Universe

“All children deserve to go far, no matter where they start”—Katie Gallagher, Assistant General Counsel at KinderCare Education. Who: By day, Katie Gallagher works with KCE’s legal team. In her off hours—between being a mom to her two kids ages 3 ½ and 5—Katie volunteers her time as a board member of Metropolitan Family Service.

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We’re Committed to 100% Accreditation (And That’s No Small Thing).


We try not to crow about our accomplishments too much here on our blog. But recently we had great news to share with our families, our children, and our center staff, too. In May 2016, Woodcreek KinderCare in Roseville, California, became our 1,000th center to earn national accreditation. Accreditation is a mark of excellence, but it’s also an experience. Accreditation

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