Holidays With Kids

A Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activity in the Kitchen

From Carly, KinderCare’s Registered Dietitian For a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity, make the “pot of gold.” Ingredients: -Bell Peppers (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green) -Hummus -Cauliflower Directions: -Cut bell peppers into strips. -Add a couple scoops of hummus to the bottom of a bowl. -Place 2 cauliflower bunches (clouds) on the hummus. -Place strips of

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Valentine’s Day Turkey Roll Up

From Carly,  KinderCare Registered Dietitian   Ingredients: -Tortilla -Strawberries, Diced -Strawberry Cream Cheese -Turkey, Sliced     Directions: -Lay tortilla flat on plate and spread with cream cheese. -Top with turkey and diced strawberries. -Roll up the tortilla. -Spread a little cream cheese on the end of the tortilla to make the roll stick/stay. -Cut

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Create a Marshmallow Reindeer With Your Children

Marshmallow Reindeer Ingredients: Marshmallows Pretzels Frosting M & M’s Licorice         Directions: Connect 2 Large Marshmallows with a pretzel stick to make the body & head of the reindeer.  Add 4 sticks for legs and 1 stick for a tail.  Add M & M’s for the eyes and mouth with frosting.  Not

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